Kweli's First outdoor meet

I have only ran one indoor race all season which was my 6.83 two weeks ago. I have just competed in my first outdoor race yesterday. I ran the 100m in 11.15 and 22.51 into -1.6 shutting down 100 meters before the line.

I can’t explain any of these times. but I can just hope I get better as the year comes. my 200m is good compared to my 100m time. I have never come that close to doubling up on my 10m time…but they are still slow.

not trying to run the same times I did last year. 10.69 and 21.73…trying to make senior nationals and erase those times form my memory…

any comments or advice on my first outdoor performance (and 2nd race since december) would be greatly appreciated.

You know you can do much better and the 60m time indicates you could as well. So don’t let it discourage you about the 100, it’s just a bad meet.

It’s only your first race. I wouldn’t read much into the times yet. If you ran a 6.83, your times will be fast soon.

As of now you know you are capeable of alot faster 100 time based on your 60 time. But running into a -1.6 wind and shutting down will not allow you to come close to your potential so its too early to tell. With the 200 take a look at your workouts and workout times and see if you are hitting around the same times as las year in workouts or faster and then you’ll know your ready. Speed endurance will now become more of the equation.