Knee and shin pain

I have suffered knee and shin pain for over two years now and at one point was diagnosed with a stress fracture of the shin.
I have followed all the recommended treatments like strengthening the quads notably the vastus medialis because my knee tracking was poor and I’ve done lots of stretching.
However I am still experiencing pain. About 6 months before I had problems with my knee I strained ligaments in my ankle on the affected leg. now my ankles have a flexibility difference. my bad leg is more flexible when pointing the toe and less when pulling the toe up towards shin. could this be causing the knee pain?
Also my good leg is way more muscular than the bad one and no matter how much training I do on the bad one it doesn’t seem to catch up it’s as though the muscles in my bad leg don’t seem to fire.
Any help would be greatfully appreciated
Thank you
Jamie Bain

try running on different surfaces. most indoor tracks are just cement with a layer of rubber on top… IF you have it available try a bike or eliptical for your cool downs or cardio days to lower stress on you lower legs (or run outside on the grass)… also your feet might be over pronateing causing your feet to tilt in slightly (Ie. throwing you ankles knees hips out of alignment) if it is at all possible go some place where you can have your gates checked…

As for your lower back… do you hamstrings seem to be tight at all?? if they are that could be causing ur lower back muscles to be pulled on… try heating your hamstrings and lower back before practice and get stretched out… hope this is use full