Kerron Clement Q&A

Athletics: Q & A with Kerron Clement
By Conway Hill
Wednesday, April 25 2007 9:30:45 AM

Kerron Clement is one of the finest young talents in the sport of track and field today. Among his stellar achievements he is a former NCAA Champion and US Champion in the 400 meter hurdles.

His personal best of 47.24 ranks him #7 all time. He is the Indoor World Record Holder in the 400 meters at 44.57. He also has personal bests of 44.71 outdoors in the 400, 20.40 indoors in the 200, and 10.23 in the 100 meters.

It was my pleasure to recently conduct a Question and Answer session with Kerron.

Kerron, thank you for doing this interview, I know that people would like to learn more about you. So before we talk about Kerron Clement on the track, let’s learn a little bit more about you off the track. And I think the easiest way to do that would be to find out some of your Favorite things. So how about your: FPRIVATE “TYPE=PICT;ALT=Kerron Clement”
Kerron Clement
(Reuters photo)

Favorite Food: Roti (Caribbean)
Favorite Snack: Fruit Snacks
Favorite Drink: Passion Fruit
Favorite Sport outside of Track: Tennis
Favorite Movie: Twister
Favorite Actor: Taye Diggs
Favorite Actress: Halle Berry
Favorite Musical Artist: Mariah Carey
Favorite CD: Music Box
Favorite Song: Hero
Favorite TV show: Charmed
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite way to relax: listening to music
So, now that we know a bit more about you let’s talk track.
Q. How did you get started in Track and Field?
A. I started when I was about 5-6 years old competing in church organizations in Deliverance Temple in Trinidad.

Q. What are your earliest memories in the sport?
A. I would have to say competing at the National level while still in high school. Also, winning my first Junior Olympic title in the 400mH in Omaha, Nebraska.

Q. You have become one of the most versatile athletes in the sport. Recently you ran 10.23 in the 100. That’s on top of your 47.24 in the intermediate hurdles, 20.40 indoors in the 200, and 44.53 indoors in the 400. You can seemingly run anything you want to, why do you focus on the hurdles?
A. I was first introduced to the hurdles, and as I have said many times it is a challenge for me. It’s a passion of mine, and I’m very blessed that I can choose any event to compete in.

Q. I know sprint fans are dying to know if we will get to see you in any other open sprint races this season?
A. Yes I am planning on running a couple of 400m races this year; one will be at the Prefontaine Classic. As far as the 100m or 200m I’m not sure about those. Although I would love to run another 100m - I would like to run a 10.0.

Q. What will be your focus this season? Will you continue to focus on the 400H? What are your goals for the year?
A. My focus this season will definitely be the 400mH. I just want to stay healthy. My goals are to give it my best every single time I step on the track.
Athletics: Q & A with Kerron Clement
By Conway Hill
Wednesday, April 25 2007 9:30:45 AM

Q. In 2005, you set world leading marks of 47.56 to win the NCAA Championships, and 47.24 to win the US National Championships. You then found yourself in lane 1 in the final of the World Championships and came in 4th. What did you learn after being a big favorite heading into that race, and just missing a medal?
A. You know, I don’t regret anything at all. I believe that experience taught me a lot about myself, and I learn and grow from it. I learned that it’s okay to lose, and winning isn’t everything.

Q. What three athletes do you see standing between you and a medal in Osaka this year?

A. Honestly speaking, no one but myself.

Q. Aside from winning gold in the World Championships and the Olympic Games, I’m sure that the WR has to be somewhere in the back of your mind. Most fans believe that you have the ability to give that mark (46.78) a serious run. How do you feel about the record? Is it something you hope to get, or something you feel destined to get?
A. First I just want to say, thank you to everyone who believe in my ability to get the record. The WR is the oldest record in track and field, Kevin Young was a tremendous athlete and I commend him. I always say, if it’s in God’s plan for me to have the record, then it shall be mine. I would be a liar if I said that it never crossed my mind. But I always pray to the father and ask if it’s in my destiny to break the World record. And he only knows the answer. And we shall see.

Q. On that note, how do you see the rest of your career playing out? What are your long term goals?
A. My career is just getting started, and it looks so bright in the future. My long term goals are to be on many Olympic Games and World Championships teams, and just set a name for myself.

Q. When this is all over what would you like to do? Do you want to continue in the sport in some capacity afterwards, or do you want to pursue other goals outside of sport?
A. I would like to be a mentor for the young kids in our sport. Having knowledge in this sport will get you really far. And I just want to help and motivate them to reach their max. I do have other goals outside of the sport. I am into modeling, I have an agency in Miami called Irene Marie Management and I want to also crossover into the fashion business.

Q. Finally, what would you like to tell people about Kerron Clement that we haven’t already covered? What would you like people to know about you?

A. Well first is to check out my official Website: And make sure to sign my guestbook. I just want people to know that I am a very approachable, loving and humble guy, I love talking to my fans, because they are the one that keep me going.
Kerron, thank you for your time. And good luck on your season.

Mr. Hill is based in the United States in Northern California and has been following the sport of Track and Field for 40 years. He is our “World News” section editor, and can be reached at

Hopefully for him, he has developed both lead legs at this point. When his stride pattern was really on (on occasion) he could just come up to each hurdle with his one lead leg and put up a big time. Other times he could look pretty bad(as much as a world class athlete can look bad in similar situations) when his only adjustment to not approaching a hurdle with his lead leg was to chop strides.

“I am into modeling, I have an agency in Miami called Irene Marie Management and I want to also crossover into the fashion business”

In that case, he would probably get along well with Carl Lewis! :smiley:

He is gay, the source is a couple of his UF Teamates.

Far from it… Please leave personal attacks to urself.

Just read, recently, that Clement has changed coaches from Mike Holloway to Bob Kersee.

New Year, New Coach, New life for Kerron Clement – IAAF Online Diaries

Thursday 10 January 2008

World champion Kerron Clement is the latest addition to the IAAF Online Diaries. From his new home in California, the 22-year-old 400m hurdler updates us on his current track and personal news.

“Happy New Year Everyone!

“Christmas was really good, I spent Christmas and New year’s in Houston, Texas with my family. Although I went to the University of Florida and stayed in Gainesville afterwards I went to Laporte High school in Texas which is twenty minutes outside of Houston. So I went back there for the holidays.

“My entire family was there. I have two older sisters and one of them has a house in Baytown, Texas. We were together as a family. We ate and we sat around and talked about old times, stuff like that. For New Year’s we went to church which is an old tradition for us.

“Basically Los Angeles is my hometown now because I moved here a month ago. I used to live in Gainesville but I switched coaches. I knew who I wanted to go with and that’s Bobby Kersee. He lives in California and it wasn’t a hard decision as to where I was going. So I moved out here.

“I still have a condo in Florida and my mom and sister are still there. But I am looking to buy something in California because I don’t like renting.

“During the Christmas holidays I trained by myself at the University of Houston but Bobby was faxing me the workouts I was doing every day. I had weekends off and Wednesdays too just to rest my legs.

“Now I am back in LA we are training at the UCLA campus I basically started with spikes today. We had been doing longer stuff, 600m’s, 30 minute road runs. Three days ago we started doing hurdles in spikes. We had been doing a lot of over-distance more mileage than in Florida where the most we were doing is 45 seconds runs.

“It’s kind of early to see how the training is going to be different. But I can tell you I am way stronger this year than last year. Every year I feel I am getting stronger and stronger. I am not really sure what Bobby is training me towards, I have to talk to my agent Caroline Feith and my coach to see what we are going to do during indoors.

“Oh my goodness, I am very thrilled about the upcoming Olympics because it is my first one. A lot of people are kind of worried because of the move to California I made but I believe in myself and I believe that Bobby Kersee will help me to win an Olympic title. I am just really excited about it.

“In 2004 I didn’t try out for the Olympics because I was really young, I believe I was 18 or 19. I felt it best to use the World Junior Championships to test the international waters and I did that, and I ran really well and I actually won. I know this time around, in Beijing, it’s my time and I am ready for that.

“My gold medal from Osaka is at home in a vault. I do take it out from time to time to remind myself that hard work pays off and I am running to win gold medals. That’s all for now.”