Kenyan and Ethiopian stars turn out in Addis Ababa

ADDIS ABABA, Nov 28 (AFP) - Leading Ethiopian andKenyan athletes are to join some 18,000 Ethiopian andforeign runners on Sunday in a race to create awarenesson HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia, the event’s coordinator RichardNerurkar told a press conference in Addis Ababa.
``The race takes place on the eve of World AIDS Day toreinforce many of the messages which we have sought topublicize through the run since its inception in 2001,’'Nerurkar said.
Taking part in Sunday’s race will be more than 2,000sponsored runners from anti-AIDS clubs in differentparts of Ethiopia, Nerurkar said.
Kenyan athletes to participate include long distanceaces Paul Tergat, Paul Koech, Christopher Cheboiboch,Martin Keino, Luke Kipkosgei, Catherine Ndereba, JoyceChepchumba, Susan Chepkemei and Eunice Jepkorir.
Ethiopia will be represented by 16 athletes, includingleading stars Keninesa Bekell, Silishe Shin, BerhaneAdere and Workenish Kidane. Uganda and Tanzania will berepersented by one athlete each.
Among the 18,000 participants will be sevenambassadors to Ethiopia and people of all ages,professions and gender, including 12 aged above 70.
The race, known as the Great Ethiopian Run, wasstarted in 2001 by a group of people, includingEthiopia’s renowned athlete Haile Gebreselassie and hismanager Jos Hermans.