keeping the muscle

ok guys my body fat level is around 12%, i seriously wanna get it down to like 9-10% by summer time or even earlier…but im very concerned about one thing. how can i lose fat but still keep muscle can someone give me a sample nutrition plan for one day as an example or something…sorry for all my questions the past couple days, i just wanna learn and do

Kobeflight, don’t worry about asking a lot of questions I ask a lot of questions and 99% of mine are idiotic!!! As for broping Body fat and keeping muscle, I do not know for sure but I might try to eliminate a lot of carbs and monitor the Protein intake…keep the protein high…I am not positive on this but I know some dudes on this forum will give you good advice!!! :wink:

For the level you’re at, I wouldn’t worry about cutting weight at all. Focus on getting stronger and cleaning up your diet, and your bodyfat will drop nicely while your muscle mass increases.

alright so just keep eating the way i am? i shouldnt eat six meals a day?

post your current diet, training, stats, and goals.