jumping rope!??

Hello all, I was wondering is jumping rope a good way to increase explosiveness for sprinting?? If so what type of sets should one do?
Currently, I do about 1500 every other day.
i do a set of per single leg and a set for double leg hops.
I do 100 per set and take about a minute and a half break between sets.

IS this productive or just a waste of my time?

Jumping rope is a great general conditioning exercise, but the best way to increase your explosiveness for sprinting is to…wait for it…sprint!

Rope jumps could probably be used as a substitute for tempo runs if you couldn’t do the runs for some reason. The can also be good for keeping you lean (that is, jumping burns a good amount of calories.)

They are somewhat plyometric in nature, but the intensity is pretty low. One thing I like to do to increase the explosiveness of rope jumping is to do repeated doubles. That is, the rope goes under your feet twice every time you jump up. Its a pretty good way to make sure you don’t spend too much time on the ground while jumping because if you don’t get off the ground quickly, you catch the rope with your feet and if you don’t get high enough, you can’t get the rope under you two times.