Jeremy Wariner!

Jeremy Wariner. Wow. That inspired me. These guy is 165 lbs soaking wet, 20 years old, and still runs the fastest and most composed 400m in the world this year. Man, I almost want to take up the 400!

I agree, I’ve never felt so ridiculous about my attempts at being a track athlete then today when I was watching this thin kid taking a nice jog around the track in 44 flat. Is there any point in us untalented ones even trying! Let’s just sit and watch the real athletes do it!

I remember first reading about Wariner when I was a Sophomore in high school and hearing about this kid in high school from Texas running ridiculous times in the 200 and 400 (sub-21 and sub 46). Wariner is a stud! Im happy he won it, he deserves it. Good job!

Sometimes it’s nice for us skinny guys to see a guy dominating while having the build of a guy who likely isn’t squatting 300+ lbs. It gives us ‘mesomorphically challenged’ athletes some inspiration.

Any info on training program? Similar methods to MJ? I have heard that MJ has played some kind of ‘mentoring’ role in his preps. Any other influences?

MJ is involved with a “mentoring”…mike helping someone is very strange since he is all about himself.

How much would the mentoring card have be played if he hadn’t performed?

That’s why he’s “mentoring” him - it keeps him in the spotlight.

Anybody see the replay where they showed Wariner and Otis battling it out in the last 50m. Otis’s face was extremely tense and he was grimmicing with each step, while Wariner was extremely relaxed and it seemed like he was out for a sunday jog. That guy knows how to run.

Yeah, blinky I saw that, Wariner sure ran a great race, Clyde Hart teaches to push that 3rd 100 and hold form in the final straight, Wariner did just that, and used his arms all the way in, watch how high he brings them up in the last 50m, his knees were coming up as well, he will surely go sub 44 in the future. :stuck_out_tongue:

How well do you know MJ clemson?

Based on that statement, it would appear that Clemson knows him fairly well :wink:

Otis’ face looked tense because he was pushing himself to win.

True, but they are all pushing themselves to win. Wariner’s been coached very well, he keeps all the pain inside because he knows it gives him that step or two advantage over an opponent who allows himself to tighten up.

One of the key aspects of the Baylor system is to NEVER strain in training. Hence Wariner’s ability to look so controlled. I think it really is the secret to their success.

hmmm…I’ll repeat half that question:

Any info on [Wariners] training program? Similar methods to MJ?

He trains at Baylor - any notable deviations from the Baylor ‘norm’ (whatver that is!).

Bingo— and why I’ve incorporated those aspects in it… even for shorter work at higher gears, I feel so much more fluid and relaxed.

So how do you teach yourself to run relaxed? Also does it help to have a coach constantly telling you that your tightening up and things of that sort.

Also regarding Otis, I believe he was pushing beyond his limits which is why I believe he even ran a PR so in some cases I think it is helpful maybe to do a little bit of straining depending on what part of the race your in, most notably the finishing lean :cool: .

I’m not forebraining anything, nor do I have a coach… the longer distances (out to 600) and sticking to the rigid timing structure kindof make a forced relaxation. When I come down to 30-60m short speed work, I know I don’t have to tighten up to hit the time I know I can hit.

I think that you can safely assume that Wariner does the same plan as Coach Hart has had his athletes on since the later 1980’s. From conjecture that I have heard it sounds like he does. I will reiterate, it is not the plan that has been widely circulated over the internet, that one dates from the 1970’s. He changed some important details when MJ was there. Steve Bennett at has two threads on his messageboard regarding a presentation by MJ on 400 training. You can also buy a complete version w/schedules from him. It has about 90-95% of what they have been doing at Baylor for the last 20 years or so, though some details are missing.

Last point, both Clyde Hart and MJ have told me directly on seperate occasions that they have not altered what they do in training be more than 5% since MJ left Baylor. There are some new drills, and the recoveries have been altered as his level of fitness/performance increased, but that’s about it. Remember Coach Hart is @73 years old and has had great results so change is not something that he would be looking to do at this point. He’s a sharp fellow.