Jana Drama#12: Tells Brits It's Tamsyn's Protest

MELBOURNE, April 2 - English head athletics coach Brad McStravick says Jana Pittman’s offer to hand over her Commonwealth relay gold medal would not achieve much unless her three teammates felt the same way.
Pittman has reportedly written a letter of apology to the English team which was disqualified from the 4x400m final at the Melbourne Games after crossing the line 10 metres clear of Australia.
The protest was lodged by Australian runner Tamsyn Lewis after Englishwoman Natasha Danvers-Smith took up an incorrect starting position for the third leg.
I was aware that (Pittman) had offered to give her medal up to the English team but I am not quite sure what good that would do,'' McStravick told ABC TV's The Offsiders today. I mean, if all four of the Australian girls were of a similar view then it might be worth talking about but I think just giving one gold medal to the team won’t really achieve an awful lot.
:stuck_out_tongue: I know Jana did speak to Christine Ohuruogu during the closing ceremony when we were in the stand and she again said she was sorry that it all happened and it was unfortunate. :eek: She kind of blamed it on Tamsyn going to the officials and pointing out the fact that our girl was in the wrong place.’’
Lewis has said she has no intention of handing back her medal.
The other two members of the Australian team, Caitlin Willis and Rosemary Hayward, have not commented on the issue.
Danvers-Smith said she would be pleased to receive a gold medal, whether or not Lewis was prepared to hand her one over.
Like Brad said, if they all wanted to do it great. But from what I have read, I don't think Tamsyn is along that line,'' said Danvers-Smith. I don’t think she sees it the same way so I am sure if the team did follow, three would be the most that we got in this situation, but yeah why not?
``If that’s what (Pittman) says she wants to do, it would be much appreciated.’’ :rolleyes:


Monday 3 April 2006


There appears to be continuing public comment regarding the disqualification of the English women’s 4x400m relay team which crossed the finish line first in the race on 25 March at the 2006 Commonwealth Games. The ACGA, after receiving advice from Athletics Australia provides the following information regarding the disqualification, and the subsequent elevation of the Australian women’s 4x400m relay team to the winning position: -
 At the Commonwealth Games the Track and Field competition was carried out in accordance with the rules of the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF);
 Technical officials appointed by the IAAF were responsible for the conduct of the competition as agreed by the Commonwealth Games Federation (International body responsible for the conduct of the Commonwealth Games);
 The disqualification of the English women’s 4x400m relay team was the result of a decision by the responsible Technical officials as provided for above;
 The final result as determined by the Technical Officials is the one that will be listed in the records of the Games which will show that Australia was awarded the Gold Medal for the event;
 Medals granted to athletes are their property and as such it is their prerogative as to what they wish to do with them;

:slight_smile: The ACGA shares the disappointment in the conclusion of the women’s 4x400m relay on Saturday night. The English team ran a great race, were clearly the best team and would have been deserving champions.

However it is also clear that their runner made an error when lining up for the changeover and it has been confirmed that this error was noted by the responsible Technical Official (the track referee). As such the English team would have been disqualified irrespective of any comment made by an Australian team member.

Athletics Australian advises that, perhaps, the rule in question, which is designed to avoid a fight for positions at the changeover, should be reviewed, with some element of discretion allowed by the referee. This is a matter that Athletic Australia’s technical and officials committee will discuss, however ultimately any rule change would rest with the IAAF.

For further enquires regarding the announcement please contact:

Perry Crosswhite -


Gold tainted by Tamsyn, says Jana
Jacqueline Freegard

TRACK star Jana Pittman has offered to give her Commonwealth Games 4x400m relay gold medal to disqualified England.

The hurdler wrote an apology to the English athletes, whose win was revoked after a protest by Australia. Pittman offered to hand over her medal because she said it was the wrong colour.
In her letter, Pittman said she was embarrassed by fellow athlete Tamsyn Lewis, who Pittman said had instigated the protest over a technical breach.

Her claims add further fuel to the spat between the pair.

Previously Lewis told the Herald Sun relay runners Rosemary Hayward and Caitlin Willis were consulted before she and Pittman approached officials.

“Make no mistake, this was discussed straight after the race and it was decided Jana and I would approach officials,” Lewis said.

England relay team member Natasha Danvers-Smith told ABC TV’s Offsiders she would be happy to accept Pittman’s medal.

“She does regret everything that happened and she is willing to go this far to show that,” Danvers-Smith said.

Danvers-Smith was at the centre of the race drama when she lined up in the wrong order for the baton change.

But replays showed Lewis motioning to Danvers-Smith to move ahead of her in the line-up.

Danvers-Smith said she did not expect Lewis to follow Pittman’s lead and offer her medal.

“From what I’ve read I don’t think she sees it the same way so I am sure if the team did follow, three would be the most that we got in this situation,” she said.

Lewis yesterday was disappointed the feud was renewed.

“I think it’s unfortunate, if it is true,” she said.

She said Pittman was also to blame for disqualifying England.

:eek: :stuck_out_tongue: "Jana was our team’s spokesperson, and she told me that I had to go and tell the officials.

“We just walked over and asked if they’d seen it and they had seen it already,” she said. :rolleyes: (But the officials may not have acted had it not been formally put on the agenda by the athletes, kk)