Jacked up ankles - is there hope?

Hey everybody,

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I am a competitive lacrosse player who unfortunately for his career moved to arizona where playing opportunities are limited and low quality. I ended up playing a lot of basketball to simulate good lacrosse, and have sprained both ankles doing it.

The first one was my left ankle a little more than a year ago, which was pretty bad - it took about 2 months to fully recover, and now it gets sore after lots of activity involving change of direction. It also consistently pops (as in loud noise) when I walk - the pop is coming from the medial side of the ankle, between the large (higher) and small (lower) bony protrusions.

It seems like the left ankle has too much mobility, and plenty of crap left over from that sprain. What do I do to take care of this?

I just recently sprained a right ankle. This one is about 4 weeks old, and has almost totally regained its range of motion. There is still a good deal of swelling on the lateral bony potrusion. Is this normal? What do I do about this?

If pictures would help please let me know.

Thank you