Isorobic exerciser in place of hills

I will doing the 2nd day of the hill training on the GPP DVD. Forecast is for rain. I have an isorobic exerciser and access to a BB court at the YMCA to use it at. Would I use the same volume listed (10x20m)? How about the amount of tension? I know for resisted runs you should not go over a 10 percent decrease in speed. Does the same hold true for Accel training. The hills show on the DVD looks to reduce speed more than 10 percent. Can you exceed this 10 percent rule as you are looking for more power than speed in accel training? AS for indoor tempo, does anyone have any suggestions for a good pool or treadmill workout to equal the tempo listed on the DVD???

Yes. Aim for a 10% slower time with resistance than without. Please check the forum archives as thee are a lot of threads on substitute tempo work, both in the pool and on the treadmill. You can actually see a pool workout on the Jane Project DVD.

Charlie, don’t laugh, how about using one of those mini-trampolines for tempo work. I saw a TV clip of Denise Lewis, running on one (it looked like she was using it for technical work)

I thought it could be used as a tempo substitute for people with limited time, could be done at home, thinking along the lines that it is a soft surface and the running action can be imitated (although on the spot.)

I don’t like the idea- but you can use a mat for running on the spot for a push-up/sit-up type of workout.

Why would you be against it, is it because of the rebound effect?

Because of too much absorption of force and the possibility of loosing your balance