Inter session recovery and 95-100% runs

Hi guys,

from the video I noticed that Charlie said that it took 48hrs to recover from 95% sprints and could take upto 10 days for 100% sprints.

Please correct me if I am wrong but should I therefore only run 100% every 10 days with all other sprint sessions being 95%??

I have to say I was of the impression and opinion to try and run as fast as possible at every sprint session I planned to do subject to how I felt on the day.

However, I have noticed that I cant recover if I do three speed sessions per week and try for 100% which led me to believe I should do two. However if I should be only running 95% for most sessions then I am sure I could do three!

all opinions are welcome, as this is one part of the CF program I dont understand.


I’ve been wondering about this too Brad -
and mainly the idea of juggling cns in general .
Adding to Brads question - is cns pool limit and recovery best approached from a % angle or by the amount of reps in a session .
For instance if there is a really fast session on a monday should the following wednesday session be approached from a lower % - say 95% as Brad said or should the cns be guarded by fewer reps at 100% ?
Should a different approach be used considering the level / age of the athlete ?
A general rule of thumb would be a great help , as obviously knowing when to back off is a major factor in improvement .

It depends on your level of performance. A beginner does not have the capability to go fast enough to significantly stress the CNS, but as you get to world class level, the CNS stress rises exponentially. So, if you are running sub 10, then worry about the 10 days of rest. Otherwise, you are probably ok.


TY xlr8

The whole session (all runs on the day) counts for one unit of work, requiring the recovery times. Of course all high intensity runs should allow complete recovery, unless they are a subset of special endurance- ie 3 sets of 2x60m with a walk back recovery with 20m between each set. BTW the longest recovery periods tend to apply to world class performances- so judge accordingly.

charlie, I think your answer was aimed at my other post re: intra session recovery.

What general guidlines do you have for sprint training within a week?

Do you run 100% when you feel good and 95% when you are not fully recovered?

I guess the answer is a little obvious but its reassuring to see you write some things in black and white :sing:

Also, from your tapes you placed special endurance after an acceleration session…

would the less stress on the CNS from the special endurance session mean that you dont really have to worry about this in practice, unless you are in your first and second 12 week block where you are focusing on acceleration and top speed?


There’s always an element of accel in my workouts, and, as special end runs are from a stand, there’s accel involved, even if it’s relatively easy. you are right that special end is less taxing on the CNS than pure speed (though, of course, very taxing on the muscles).