Ive heard the term used on the site, and I’ve tried to find some info on the web on insulinogenic foods but the info is very limited.

This may be an elimentary question, but would an Insulinogenic Index be the same as the Glycemic Index (GI)? Is there a list of Insulinogenic foods like the GI? I know that milk is Insulinogenic from doing searches on this site.


Insulinogenic means that the food stimulates insulin release. The glycemic index is the rate at which a carbohydrate is digested and enters the bloodstream, or its effect on blood glucose levels. So they aren’t the same thing, but the GI of a food should give you a clue as to how insulinogenic that food is.

I think almost all foods stimulate insulin release to a degree, but for our purposes I would think you would only be concerned with foods containing a decent amount of carbs (not including fiber), or maybe a protein shake of just whey to be insulinogenic. To be honest I am not sure how much whey protein actually stimulates insulin release, I have just read in the past that it does. I believe fructose is the least insulinogenic of the sugars.

Remember, the GI release of a meal is the factor of all the foods in that meal. Things like fat, fiber, protein, acids, or other low GI foods will lower the total GI of your meal.