Insulin,tryptophan and BCAA's

Charlie, others

Insulin clears the bloodstream of tyrosine, and the BCAA’s whixh compete with tryptophan. This leads to an increased tryptohan levels. I know this is the reason you don’t want sugar before a workout, but what implication does this have for a post-workout drink?

If you are taking tyrosine + caffine 45min before a race when is the last time you can take on board sugar?

I ask this because Jelly babies (sugar) are a commen pre race snack in the UK and I would like to understand if this can be a problem!

Not to get away to the post-worjout question, but,according to this, supplementing tyrosine (which supresses tryptophan release) pre-workout could clear the way for BCAA absorbtion. Does this mean that BCAA and Tyrosine are a good pre-mid workout combo?

tyrosine and bcaa’s interfere with each other. take tyrosine 30 mins before workout and bcaa’s during.

Take ICE… has watermelon flavor…

Yep tryptophan, tyrosine and the bcaa’s are called LNAA’s. All competing for for the same receptor sites. Anyone else have thoughts on my question?

We have all heard that carbs boost protein synthesis and protein boosts glycogen replenishment. Do the benefits of this synergy outweigh any negatives? My thought is this, is there really even much of an insulin spike with a post workout drink? To me it’s more of returning to baseline (from a catabolic state) than anything else (going to an anabolic state). Wouldn’t there obviously be a difference in the insulin response if the drink is taken post-workout or say on a rest day?