Insane, Un-heard Workouts??

Anyone got any?

For those who have been checking out my journal, I have missed a week of workouts due to schooling, and a few personal issues, but also motivation was a key thing.

My workouts were too boring!

I want, nah i need, some insane, un-heard of, noway I am trying that style of workouts.

I have 7 days a week to train, and i’m willing to try anything!

If you are scared of overtraining, or pushing me too hard, just try. This is the kind of thing i need, something that will push me beyond my beliefs.

I want workots for if people watch or glance, they are like ‘WTF’

Involve any equipment, free-weights, machines, medicine balls, stones, wood, logs, cars, plates, sandbags, anything.

Any style, speed, power, strength etc

But make sure it aims at increasing my 100m!

If you want background, or stats or anything. Just check out my journal in the journal section.

If you think i should just stick to basic routines, say so, but i just want to feel something different, something that makes me excitied, motivated, hungry and thirsty to workout.

When i was loading up the back of the ute tonight with flowers for my dad, i just felt something imazing, like for that spilt second, i felt like an athlete. i would like to feel it again.

Start posting your ideas of insane, un-heard of workouts, and we shall go from there…

My end of winter back workout:

5 min bike warm up @ 100+ rpms @ mid level of resistance range.

500 crunches

1 set of 20 hyper extentions

5 min of stretching emphasis on back and hams

Dead lifts: 3 sets of 315 X 20 with 3 min rest between

High pulls: 3 sets of 225 X 20 with 3 min rest

Flat bench: 1 set of 225 X 20

Cable pull down (rear): 3 sets of 200 X 20 with 3 min rest between

Hammer strength seated military press: 1 set of 225 X 20

Bicep circuit: One set of 20reps of a bar, a cable and a dumbbell

Pull up burnout


I’ll admit that it takes me three weeks to actually fully get throught it…The acclimation to the deadlift portion is the hardest. If you can get throught this during your first attempt and stay true to the rest times then you are the man.

Oh yeah I am 35 years old and 181 lbs.


This is my advice…since it has been repeatedly drilled into my head, “LESS IS MORE”

I noticed you said that you missed a week of training. A missed workout is a missed workout. Don’t try to make up for it later.

If you really wanna feel like you’re doing more though, you can’t go wrong with TONNES of core exercises! Here’s a really tough lower ab exercise if you’re interested. We call it “Herbs and Spices” … it’s pretty intense!

Sitting on the floor, with your legs together and out in front of you, lean your upper body forward (towards your feet) and put your hands on the ground outside your legs, NO CLOSER TO YOUR BODY THAN YOUR KNEES. Noooooowwww…lift your legs up and down, not letting them come all the way down to the ground. Try that for 30 seconds! Enjoy… :smiley:

Show me someone that destroys themselves in training all the time and I’ll show you someone who is not successful.

Instead of worrying about crushing workouts, why not focus on training consistency and regeneration methods?

Training can be boring…doing the same crap over and over again. But when you are smart, dedicated, and organized you will improve. When you are improving, doing the same old stuff becomes not boring!

All killer workouts will increase your 100, but the idea is to subtract time, not add it.

Ya, but I have advice with charlie’s method to “add” your 100m.

  1. get fat
  2. dont workout
  3. Do HIT if you do workout


Ok, thanks everyone, maybe if i clear a couple things up…

Maybe if i do a insane workout once or twice a week? And do them on the days before my rest days?

So kinda like this

Monday - Accerlation
Tuesday - Tempo
Wednesday - Insane
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Sprint
Saturday - Insane
Sunday - Rest

I was kind of thinking mainly along the lines of weight training, like unconventional methods, methods you don’t normally see.

Like maybe one workout could be…

Sandbag/Concrete powder Squat
Sandbag Walking Lunge
Wheelbarrow pushing
Flat/Incline Bencjpress
Sledgehammer Work/Shovelling
Ab Work

Kind of like that, maybe a little bit of sled pulling/running at the end.

That is what I kind of meant, try something a bit different.

So would that work? only doing it twice, or even once a week. Something to look forward to. Could those methods (or any other like that) help DECREASE my 100m time and INCREASE strength and power?