indoor season

if you are following a short to long approach would it be ok to do any speed end 2 work now??

Not if you are running short to long. Probably 60m max. Have you seen the Van’04 DVD it has an entire programme mapped out. If your running 60m indoors why run past 60 in practice? If your running 200m indoors you can still get good results from 60m split runs with incomplete recovery.


Aren’t 60m split runs a form of Special Endurance?

thanks man for the help, i was planning on doing 150 spilt run… bc in cfts charlie is doin 2x200 on wed special endurance.

Yes, but he said Special Endurance 2 (which is repetitions of 15-45 seconds duration (so 150+).

Think about it the difference between 60m split runs and runs of 300m. The differences are that for th 60m runs you are focusing on acceleration and probably just about reaching max velocity by then end of the training block. With 300m runs you don’t accelerate as hard and proably never reach maximum speed as you only accelerate for 30m or so. If you are running indoors where acceleration is th most important factor because of the shorter duration of the event (60m sprint) then which method of building special endurance would be most efficient (thought there are exceptions)?

This doesn’t mean they don’t go together though… I understand your point, just a comment…

Please pick me up on stuff if it doesn’t sound right, i need to make sure I understand stuff as much as anyone. I appreciate the two approaches are compatable.

I was just thinking of a better way to put my point across - perhas this will help.

Looking at 60m split runs if you accelerate for only 30m it still means that 50% of your volume is acceleration.

If you use 300m Special Endurance runs and accelerate for 30m also then only 10% of your volume is acceleration.

So the emphasis is quite different between the two methods even though the end effect (being able to maintain high speeds over distance) is the same.

No, no, not saying you are wrong! I was just making the above comment, which is more apparent in the Lactate Threshold thread and the posts I’ve exchanged with PJ (somewhere in the first 10 pages, I think); and it’s interesting looking at different athletes and how they’ve done over the years, that’s all…

I agree…

60m SR are more compatible for indoors…

Another thing to consider about doing 300’s is that the CNS stress is less than 60 split runs, because of the lower speed component. This COULD require LESS time for recovery and provide you with MORE CNS energy for speed days while still getting your lactic work from SE2.

Just a thought!

i agree with that…

so i have about 6 more weeks before my indoor season training begins, i was thinking maybe doing spilt runs 150-150 for about 3 weeks then for the next 3 do speed end 2 2x300 runs, i was wondering what do you guys about this bc i think the 4x4x60 is more stressful on the cns?

Sorry, are you running 60 or 200 indoors? If it is 200, i guess you could do that. Make sure you do some block work to 30m though as well. If it is 60m then I suggest doing something a little shorter.

i will be doing the 60’s with maybe 1 or 2 200 races depends how i fill bc last yr i did it every week and i pay for it late… i just cant think about doing 16x60 @90-95 that just sound too tough on ur system, also im doing 2 heavy speed days on mon and fri… the longer spilt runs just sound better bc they are a lil easier on the system, thats what i think?.. if you could give me some ideas im open to new ideas… i also thought about doing short speed endurance like 4-6x80… if i would go with the plan i have it would be::

week 1:

2x(100-100-100) 90/full rec

week 2:
2x(150-150) 90/full rec

week 3:
2x(200-100) 90/full rec

week 4:
2x300 full recovery

week 5:
2x300 full rec

week 6:
2x300 full rec

To go back to your original question, think about your focus for indoors, don’t train just to train!
Are you going short to long? Do you want 60 m as main focus?

yes short to long and 60m is main distance indoors… you know im willing to try the 4x4x60 but i really think its too much for my body and also the time it would take to complete that workout 10min rest between set 4-7min between reps not counting warmup/cooldown and starts i just dont have that much time, dont get me wrong my training is very important to me but i need balance…