Indoor 300-Outdoor 200

How fast can I expect to run an OUTDOOR 200 with an INDOOR 300 time of 40.73. I had a decent lane (5) and the track was NOT banked (no downhills or uphills to deal with.) Everything else was pretty standard.

If it helps I ran a 60 at that meet in 7.96. However, I think if I were to do it right now I would run 7.7’s, as the meet was 3 months ago, and I was still unsure of how to use the blocks properly. Popped right up.

id say high 24’s low 25’s.

What would my 200m time be like?

ran 60m in 6.87 and ran 300m in practice at 36.08 HT personal best! (coach is at most 2 tenths off)

was your 300 outdoors? was it a time trial (were you fresh)? what was you best 200 indoors/outdoors previously?

the 300m was indoor and fresh! my best time last year indoor for the 200m was 24 FLAT (FAT) and i went outside to run 22.37 PR last year… this year i ran 23.38 PR indoors…hopefully something nice outdoors…

also the first year of doing overdistance traning (over the distance i run)

ok indoors to outdoors in the 200 is up to a half second differnece… so judging from your 23.38 id say u should be able to run anywhere from 21.80-22.00.
when i was a sr in hs my best 300 hand time was 35.9. my best indoor 200 was 23.21. outdoors i ran 21.8 hand time 200 and 10.7 hand time 100. my start sukt… my best 55 was only a 6.77.
kweli keep us posted about your sucess. apparently judging from your 60 meter time u got a mean start and crazy good acceleration but a 23 compared to a 6.80 is nothing. thats like comparing a lamborgini to a mustang… yes both are good but one is at a whole different level.
how old are you?

did you even take in account my …24 FLAT PB INDOORS…to my 22.37 PB OUTDOORS?.. that’s a little more than half a second.

21.8?..I hope to that for warm ups! :cool:

I’m 18 by the way

yes i did take that into account… but you gotta take into account your p.b. this year indoors… since you ran a 22.37 last year outdoors indoors this year i would say u should of at least went 22.70…unless your a terrbile indoor 200 meter runner.
i am basing the (21.80-22.0) on you pb.indoors and your 300 time…
lets see what others think…