I'm starting a campaign ...

I had the pleasure of enjoying the cooking of a special and wonderful cook and athlete recently and I was amazed at how wonderfully tasty good food for athletes can be.

It was a real eye-opener to me as I - like most of you - was always one to restrict myself to certain foods and ratios while competing. I grew into a state of not enjoying food - which was wrong.

And I have to admit at these times when I wasn’t enjoying my food - this in turn would lead to my performances suffering.

I had forgotten or actually never realised how good food can be prepared fast and properly - and really taste great.

I want the next product to be the
Charlie Francis Real Nutrition for Athletes DVD
(with attached Ingredient Booklet and Shopping Lists)

Trust me on this guys … if this happens you will not be dissapointed.

Recipe #1 has to be the Apple & Cinamon Pancakes (with optional Maple Syrup) - Imagine that Post Tempo WO!!!

(You remember the shopping trip and meal on the Jane DVD … imagine that by x20)

Lets get the pressure on - if you’d like to see this DVD add your name below …

I would absolutely love to see something like this.


Sounds great! I would like to see this too!

As i’ve already started doing this myself a few years ago i would be very interested. You can make some awsome dishes that taste great and I want to know what I am missing!

Seriously look at Berardi’s gourmet nutrition book. I have found a lot of good recipes from there that actually taste good.

Yeh - I’ve seen it … and I’m also not a bad chef by my own admission - but a certain ‘Mrs. Coon’ opened my eyes …

Eh Quark … you know how long I’ve been on here don’t you?

Do you honestly think I’d be calling for something I didn’t think we needed?

And I’m talking about the practical realities of cooking and shopping for food and keeping a real kitchen stocked for healthy food - not a collection of recipes … If I wanted that I know where too look.

Believe me - you just have to taste the food and recipes I’m talking about to understand what you’re missing … a DVD is called for.

I don’t get the connection, but sure, why not…

Fair enough. You are definately right about this being needed. Even with Berardi’s book there aren’t enough resources out there. If they are that good and healthy, i am game. I can always use some new recipes anyways.

I think that would be great as well.