I'm confused... please help!

Here I ask Kelly Baggett some help. Now I ask you guys your opinions too, especially you, Charlie da masta!

Hey Mr. Baggett,
I have one dilemma, and I need your help: Should I question my coaches’ training methods, or should I just listen to my coaches and not argue about their methodologies?
Here is what basically happened today. Today we practiced our 4 x 100 relay handoffs about 4 times. After that, he and she made us sprint 100 and jog 100 continuously w/o rest, 4 times to basically develop our “stamina and endurance for the 100.” He argues that even top sprinters couldn’t keep up their max speed in a race, therefore we, high school sprinters, should develop some endurance. Also he argues that this running/training will speed up the clearance of lactic acid build-up (which I believe is true, but isn’t that a waste of time because sprinters, especially the 100m guys, DON’T NEED such an adaptation. .it’s not basketball, and the adaptational reserves would be better saved for
. And so he recommends building strength (I agree) and building that lung capacity (I disagree). Sounds nonsense, so I asked him if he has any references… He basically just mentions that he’s been coaching for many years and has been to seminars and has read a lot about the subject…
He basically wants us to be able to do 5 x 200m w/ less than 1 min rest. runs without having a messed up form in the last runs.
So…what should I do? Should I show him an excerpt from the VJ Bible “More on Specific Endurance?” I love your examples. If yes, do you have any references I could use to support my argument in developing speed before speed endurance? If not, should I just listen to my coach and prevent arguments/ troubles from happening?? Sorry, this is so long… but I really need some help on this.


what did Mr Baggett tell you?

How fast are these runs? And look again at the basketball example… are you sure they really develop large amounts of lactic?

of course you should make your own ideas and combine them with these of the coach

But this is dangerous unless you understand your coahces rationalle behind the workouts. Everything must fit together. How it works in synergy is far more important than what you actually do.

to me
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Hey Edderic,

Well you basically have to work with the coaches you have. What he says is
more or less off the wall but it also depends on the level of the
athlete…if people are really out of shape then what he/she is doing does
have some merit as GPP work…so it really depends.


These runs were like… 80-90% sprints if my estimate is about right. By the last two 50 meters of the the last two sprints, I had to slow down because my legs were so tired and I was going out of breath…