I need an article on Charlie's program

I want to introduce a friend to Charlie’s ideas.

What is a good article to pass along?

I have Speed Trap, CFTS, and one of the DVDs.

But I’d just like something of a few pages that mentions short to long, max. speed workouts, low volume, lots of rest, and that sort of thing.

Then I’ll go with the heavier stuff (it’s like the short to long way of introducing someone to these things).

Does anyone have any suggestions?

By the way, Google isn’t doing much for me.

Why not tell your friend to signup here for an account at our discussion forums?


4-5 or so articles of his are available at t-nation.com though they might now be here, on site.

The title of probably three of them was something like high octane training.

I thought they were fantastic and still are. I’d love to see something like that in the future if and when time permits. I’d pay for such, actually-like the newest forum review?:slight_smile:

This and the photos of the female figure competitors make the visit to the site worthwhile:


Honestly, I think the best place to start is to let your friend read Speed Trap. It’s a surprisingly quick, easy read. I think once he gets through the first 10-20 pages he’ll be hooked and read the whole thing in a day or two.

The only other short introduction I can think of (which was actually my introduction to Charlie’s approach) is Joseph Horrigan’s article on Charlie that appeared in the June 1990 issue of Ironman. But I have no idea where or if you can find a copy.

I just checked Joe Horrigan’s website, and unfortunately it doesn’t have the article on Charlie, just Joe’s Sports Medicine articles (which are great in their own right).

There are a couple of reviews from CF’s Australian seminars last year at



All good stuff.