Hurdler ruptures disc

Wednesday, 16 January 2008, 10:52 GMT

Injury wrecks Turner medal hopes
By Phil Jones

Britain’s leading sprint hurdler Andy Turner has been ruled out of the World Indoor Championships in Spain in March after rupturing a disc in his back.

The Commonwealth and European medallist suffered the injury during warm weather training in South Africa.

“It’s frustrating because I was feeling great. I really felt like I could get a medal,” he told BBC Sport.

The 27-year-old will be out of action for between two weeks to two months, depending how the injury develops.

At present, he cannot make the 11-hour journey back from South Africa, so for the time being he must stay there and have treatment from UK Athletics’s travelling medical staff.

“I can only stand up or lie flat on my back at the moment,” he explained. “I’m not allowed to sit down - not even to eat.”

From previous experience (and constant ongoing pain) of a bulging disc, i can only imagine the pain of the ruptured disc!

This is bad news…Andy is a nice guy and a great athlete…I’d like to know what he was doing for this to happen…All too often coaches and athletes go away to warm weather get caught up in the ‘Its hot and I’m feeling great…lets do something special’ hype…

Sounds like a weightroom issue. Anyone know??

I’ll ask him…I’ll keep you posted.