Hows this GPP plan ?

6’2" 20yo 11.38 100m, die out early.
Season is almost over, time to start planning,
I’ll recover for about a week or two, and then go:

[HILL SPRINTS] x3 week 1-4[b]

[1500-2000M Tempo+1000 throws] x3 week

Week 5 : hills twice track once
week 6: hills once track twice
week 7: all track+ tempo
Tempo+medball will always be performed x3 week.

Hills will be mostly 3x3x40 sessions, 10-20m dashes, etc.

Weights on high intensity days, Monday clean and squat, Wednesday Deadlift and Lunge and Friday Clean and squat.

Again if you look at my vids, I start OK but still need more fitness, im sure 11.3 means lack of fitness rather than power anyway.

Any ideas, suggestions and comments would be appreciated.

I would probably start the tempo with 10x100 and add 200m per week but keep total vol no higher then 1800m. you could take out the low int med ball work and add in med ball hops and throws. clean pull and bsq mon/fri; wed pc and bsq, tue/thur could be upper body work all work would be between 3-4 setsx6-10reps.

Hmm, OK, I can do that.

I have never done hill sprints before, do they really change the way you run ? I can already see myself after a month doing it lifting my knees and pumping my arms like a madman.

It depends on the duration of your racing season, of course, but I think I would rest a bit longer (e.g., 4 weeks) with a passive-to-active recovery transition.

As for hill training done for the 1st time, I would pay attention to “side stretching” as well (e.g., ITB).

I really like hill/sled work.

Can I change the hill stuff with Sled sprints on a track ? Does it achieve the same goal ?

yes you can, how much weight you plan on using?

mmm, I dont really have a sled, but I can attach a tire to a weight belt and do it quite comfortably.

How much weight, I guess i am looking for about 15 percent decrease from original time ?

Now that i’m thinking about it, since my season was so short isn’t it better to continue with the SPP until september\october and then start the GPP ?

Or should I just start it now in july.