How to train for Basketball?

I am curious about the best way to put together a summer training plan for my team. We are a running team which sprints the length of the court every possession. I want my guys to have the power and explosion but how can they also have the aerobic capacity to continually sprint the court time after time for 40 minutes without a huge dropoff in their power and explosion.

That’s not that complex.

You have them do the classic “wind sprints”, where by they sprint the reps before they’ve recovered from the last rep.

E.g; What is the average length of play in your division or with your team? If u don’t know, then estimate. Well, in practice have them do repeat sprints at higher density and intensity than they do in the game.
Their sprints can be done anywhere, on grass, track or basketball court. Use full court sprints, or if on the track, use similar length of sprint. Do repeats of minimum of 4 reps per set, or 1 long set of about 15 sprints.
Understand that the most explosive a baller can play the game is from having the correct fitnesss to do so becuase they’re never going to reach or run their true peak speed on the basketball court. So they need “explosive stamina”, e.g Anaerobic capacity.