How to heal a groin injurie

About 3 months ago i spained my groin

and currently it feels fine until i run at

full speed a few times and my left legs

starts to give out : ( and the next day

my groin pain :frowning:

I need some groin execises and i have

been stetching everyday:(

i been using ankle weights to strengten

my groin. thats all

what have you been doing for recovery purposes during this time? Also, how have you adjusted your training (including weights)? Remember to go easy on exercises where this compromised muscle is needed in stability.

ok. that is a good start. how about light stretching after the initial first 2 weeks. You could also do some light stem on the affected area, and always ice. It is tender, but you gotta do the necessary treatment. Do you have access to a training room at your school? Once pain subdues, you can do some (no weight or very low) partial squats with feet inside hip width apart.

yeah i do thanks