How often does everyone get a massage?

I thought that it would be interesting to see who actually gets a regularly sceduled massage. (my apologies to slashdot)

i wish i did… my body undergoes horrible abuse and i am one of those silly people who works through pain

No Love! I killed my thumb! It was worth it seeing 6 school records…but I think I tore a thumb tendon.

i have plenty of love! and lots of appreciation as well Clem…
i just meant that i’m not getting massages during the current season, and i wish that i could.

Too bad I don’t coach Field Hockey! Stop by some time and skip practive to see what we do at the wildcat pool…crazy fit!

i really should… everyone on my team is fat and it makes me afraid. they make a very big deal over the fact that i’m the only field hockey player ever to wear spandex and a sports bra to practice… because i am the only field hockey player ever to be in decent shape!! injury stuff hasn’t been much of an issue yet, i only get sore after games because practice is feeble.

Since you are league champ and a shool record holder…ask the new AD if he knows who I am? Thanks.

Its ok Carl, even if AD doesn’t know who you are, at least we do.



I get massaged 2-3 times per week.
But only for hamstrings and whatever else is tight (eg. lower back).

ahhhh the wildcat pool, I can only imagine the wild and crazy antics that most go on their when clemson is in the mood to party.

clem if you coached field hockey… you would either cut everyone on the team, or you would get disgusted and quit, it’s that bad. if you happen to see our weston game, you will see what i mean, it’s getting a bit better but still embarrassing.
i’ll talk to the AD- as much of a football fan as he is, he used to coach girls track too, so he knows me.
i’m starting track prep. on oct. 1… i’m a little worried about being out of shape, since games are the only serious workouts i am getting.


Thanks…I never cut athletes… Life cuts them out or I make them into champions. Talk to the girls swim team…some hate me, some love me, the point is I am true HI/Lo in life and training. Does the AD want more league champs in Swimming and Track?

I prefer to get massages twice a week (usually on tempo days). for some reason, when I get 3 or more, I feel too loose.

I usually get massages as often needed. Sometimes like now when my back is tight three or four close together. When everything is good every ywo weeks.

At first when I read the poll I thought I meant how often to I get a “message” and I sadly clicked never. I reread the poll after reading all the replies and found out my mishap… Unfortunately, I never get any “massages” either.