how many ems periods in a year?

I was wondering, how many ems periods can be done in a year? if one period is, 12 sessions of ems,six times in two weeks,one of week off and another two weeks on ems?

What are you goals overall using EMS?


There is a fair bit of flexibility in the use of EMS but there’s often a trade-off with other componants once the training level is high enough. What are you proposing?

my goal would be fast-twich muscle stimulation.
if I remember right twelve sessions should give the
results so when it would be usefull to do another twelve sessions?

Twelve sessions doesn’t take very long - as little as two weeks if the rest of the program is adjusted to allow for it. In such a case, this could be done 3 times through 12 sessions but the most likely scenario would be something like 12-phase one, 8 phase two, 6-phase three of a triple phase season with each EMS period spread over the same the same two week duration.

I have a question reagrding body position during EMS treatments. Considering isometric strength exercises are only relevant to joint angles ± 15 degrees of the joint angle at which the exercise is conducted, what body and limb positions should be used when using EMS (essentially an isometric contraction). For example, the compex manuals suggest sitting when using the electrodes on the glutes (to minimise joint movement and sarcomere contraction which they state can lead to soreness), however the glutes are not required to produce or start producing high levels of force until touch down so would it be better to lay down whilst doing the glutes.

It’s my understanding that isometric exercise has this specificity because of co-ordination issues (inter and intra) - hence why low CNS involvement. If you are already doing co-ordinated movements (sprinting) at the same time, the stimulation of the muscles may be all you need to worry about. Also remember in sprinting your muscles are resisting gravity eccentrically especially the glutes while the stim is causing purely a concentric contraction. What all this means i don’t know but i think simply using it to recruit is the idea. If you were really worried about it I’d use a stim unit that allowed eccentric contraction like the ARP.