how do you open ebooks

i ordered the training for speed ebook and its all paid for…how do i open it now…thanks

send me the file and i will try to figure it out for you… lol. jus kiddin…
speaking of books… rupert… whats up with figure 6-7 you promised me ? lol.

I said I’d look into this. Thanks for reminding me, also I’ve noticed (and been notified) that you’ve asked some other people (at another site) for “shareware” books (i.e Mach’s manual)…note that our books (or anybodys…including Gerard’s) are not shareware, are not to be distributed and are copywritten materials. Piracy is a crime, and inflates the costs of ebooks…in short…everybody pays.

That being said, I’ll see what I can do about the diagram.


Please check your email. Your order has been shipped.