How about helping high schoolers eat properly while at school..

Hey guys,

I am going to be a junior in high school, and like many other on this board, want to eat properly while in school. This is a big problem for us, because not only are we on a limited budget, but it is hard to bring certain foods to school, and we only get one break per day. This is what I was planning on doing, but any help would be greatly appreciated…

7:00am-Fish oil, vitamin c, vitamin e
1 serving oatmeal with protein mixed in
2 Servings frozen berries
2 Pieces whole wheat bread w/peanut butter
8 oz water

8:40am-1 scoop GROW! w/ 3g glutamine (prior weight training at school), 8 oz water

10:am-5g glutamine, 16oz water

12:30pm-Turkey Sandwich and PBJ sandwich on whole wheat bread
Serving fruit
Broccoli and carrots with ranch dressing
16 oz water

4:00pm-Fish Oil, Roast Beef or Tuna, Serving Frozen Berries

6:30pm-Fish Oil, large serving meat, vegetables, fruit, 16oz water

9:00pm-Cottage Cheese, Apple

10:00pm-Zinc, Magnesium, B6

10:50 (10 minutes before bed): 5g Glutamine and 16 oz milk

Any help would be greatly appreciated here. I am trying to perfect my diet before I move onto buying more expensive supplements. The biggest problem is going to school. I won’t be able to eat anything except in the locker room during weight training, and at lunch. I really haven’t noticed any difference when taking the glutamine and grow!, so I figure I need to get the holes out of my diet before I see results.


that looks pretty good!
To be honest I ate CONSTANTLY in school… going from class to class who says you can’t eat? Campus aides would give people shit for leaving around chip bags and whatnot, but they seemed to leave me alone when I was eating peppers and fruit or a salmon filet, for that matter. :cool:

But that was just me, I need to eat little things constantly. I doubt you’ll find that the scheduling turns out to be a huge problem if you’ve got good balance.

I like this thread already, so heres my schedule for school.

8:00 - 9:53 Class 1
9:53 - 10:08 Break
10:10 - 11:43 Class 2
11:43 - 12:07 Lunch
12:10 - 1:55 Class 3 (School ends after this)
1:55 - 2:25 Free time between the end of classes and football
2:30 - 6:30 Football Practice

So in my situation, I think my schedule really helps in that it allows me to eat 4 - 5 smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to three big ones. If anyone could point me in the right direction as far as nutrition and eating the right foods go, that would be greatly appreciated.

The teachers here are really strict and you will get detention for eating/drinking anything but water in class. I can try to sneak something during class, but I not for the first few weeks…dont want my teachers getting a bad impression of me.

Well… then eat in the hall or in the bathroom!! :cool:

Seriously though, your meals look pretty good and I doubt you’d have much of a problem with hunger in between them. If so you can always go with the ol’ opaque water bottle trick and drink smoothies from a solid bottle… who says it’s not water?!

Honestly your diet does not seem to have any obvious holes but I am not the nutrition guru here… Clemson?

Mister C that is the weirdest school schedule I have seen yet, and I have been in some pretty weird ones. Only 3 classes a day?? It would have to be pretty thrilling for me to keep my attention up that long, not to mention refrain from eating!

Yeah, the schedule is a rotating block schedule. Basically you have 6 classes and you have 3 every other day; I really dont want to get too far into the specifics. It really helps when you have two days to do your homework as opposed to just one.

I only have 4 classes a day, and first semester 2 of my classes are weight training and visual arts :slight_smile:

WHAT?! First semester last year I had 5 or 6 blocks a day (some of them free) and took AP psych, AP english, AP euro, gov’t and law, pre-calc, anatomy and physiology, 2 indpt studies in AP french lit and stained glass AND I took gym at 6:30am twice a week!! And then the second semester I picked up statistics and writing.

So yes my schedule was ridiculous, and NO it didn’t make a difference because I still didn’t get into my top choice school (yale)

HOWEVER I don’t mean to stray from the topic, let’s talk about food…

What supps were you thinking of adding once your diet is in place?

2 Questions:

  1. when do you train, time block, I mean?

  2. Speak to your teacher alone, and explain to them that you are serious about your training. You explain to them that its not just an extra curricular school activity, that this is something you have and will invest years into and have desire and dedication to pursue.

Be firm and polite and explain that you WILL take these supplements in their scheduled time regardless of where you are at those times, and if it will make them more comfortable, that you can excuse yourself and go to the bathroom at those times (or where ever they prefer), as to not show favourtism towards you and not the other students.

I have weight training first block, so 8:30-10:00am. Last year was perfect, because I had it 3rd block, so I could take the protein before the training and then head straight to lunch after. This year its right in the morning so it kind of sucks.

I ate pretty much all day as well. but its was much easier for me because a few of my teachers were health food gym freaks and didnt care. But you can fit it in between classes or to the bathroom. your diet seems pretty good its just trying to eat that durring the school day that might mess you up