HIT Article: Broncos Lineman?

I was looking on the front page for Charlie’s article on HIT training and it’s reference to him consulting with the Denver Broncos. I couldn’t find it but I remember him making a statement about the SLJ of their lineman. I want to say that he said they were all over 11’(perhaps it was 10’?), but that seemed to be almost unrealistic considering how elite the 11’ jump is at the combine year after year. Not that it really matters, but I was just curious to see what the figure was.

im curious also- hard to believe all there ol is 11+ esp fb guys.

One of the guys had been a top collegiate shot putter-over 65 ft.

It WAS 11 ft and that was when Al Miller was there as the S and C coach.

Just for perspective, Bishop Dolegiewitz, a Can shotputter at 6ft5in and 305lbs did 11 ft 11 in SLJ! the WR of 12ft4in is held by shot putter, Al Feuerbach.

The same Bishop Dolegiewitz who bench pressed 600 pounds. (In Charlie’s book, Speedtrap.)

Over 600lbs, and without a bench shirt

It’s just incredible to me, how powerfull the shot putters are. I remember when Geof Capes retired from track & field, and he then proceeded to win the “world’s strongest man” competition atleast twice in a three year period.
He was by no means stronger than Bishop Dolegiewitz. :slight_smile:

That’s phenomonal Charlie, what did he do to those guys to get such results. That shows unbelievable explosiveness and coordination for a big man. I play D-1 ball and I don’t think I’ve seen one lineman approach 10 ft., let alone an entire line of them over 11 ft.!

He did Oly lifts for sure but I’m not familiar with his whole program. He went to the Atlanta Falcons later. There might be some articles out there. I would doubt that there are many World Class shot putters who can’t jump 11.
It used to be the sucker bet against the sprinters by the throwers. The throwers always won that one!

would you happen to know where al is at now days bc hes no longer with the falcons - big lost?

I’m pretty sure he’s retired now.

he was a great coach and a big fan of ol’s.

A good friend of Al Vermiel too.

I wonder what Brian Oldfield could have done? Supposedly, besides putting over 75’, he could high jump 6’6", ran a 4.3 40yd. and a 10.3 100m. He also claims to have dunked a 16lb. shot.

I heard 10.6 but didn’t see it. the rest I believe

I know this is supposed to be about Linemen, but since the standing long jump is mentioned, there’s been a lot of mention of shot putters, and come to think of it…
What about Ulf Timerman? (spelling?) He won the 1988 olympic shot putt gold medal and was the smallest & quickest shot putter in the competition. I’d love to know what his training was, he must have been extreemly powerfull.

Who holds the shot putt world record?
Randy Barnes, Ulf Timerman?

Barnes, 23.12m, unless it’s been broken in the past few months.

I remember hearing some crazy stats from CJ Hunter, something about jumping onto a 3 foot table from 6 feet away.

I think the last team he was with was the Az. Cards but I don’t know if he’s still there.

I believe Al Miller’s last season with the Falcons was 2005, then he retired.