Hip muscle(s) Injury

I got an injury my sophomore track and field season in my left hip area. It occured around mid to end of the season. It was due to an authoratarian coach and lack of stretching. Not to play blame game, but lack of stretching and not correct forceful coaching caused it. The injury hindered my season, causing me to not get to my goals. I figured the injury was minor, and thought it would heal over the off-season. When I lifted weights in the off-season, I had no problems really at all. When my season started back up though, my junior year, the injury started bothering me again. I went to a specialist, and he told me that muscle(s) got pulled in my left hip area, and when they healed back together, they healed incorrectly. The way I translate that, is that now they are in the incorrect positions.

Well, he told me that the injury caused me to lose mobility in my left hip area. He gave me some stretches to do 3 times a day. Although these stretches did help a little, my season still suffered, and felt pain and lose of performance during the season. I didn’t even PR once in my event, the 400m, once that season. The performance was actually horriable.

I took off a month from doing anything after this recent season, junior season, and started lifting weights again, about a week or two ago. Anyways I plan on focusing on doing the stretches again, the doctor told me to do, and also hope to see and ART specialist in July, seeing if they could help me.

Well, starting this season, I wont have to see this coach ever again in my life. I have meets set up so I can run unattached. That is a big positive for me. But back to the injury, does anyone know if doctor’s or surgeons are able to put muscles back to where they are suppossed to be located? The message I got from the specialist, is that the muscles healed wrong, meaning they aren’t in there right place. I feel he is basically trying to stretch them out to make the pain go away. I would rather just have them put back where they go. Anyone know something I could do, a surgeon, etc., that would have the capabability to do that? Thanks for any help.

Not likely going to find anyone to do something like that. What he probably meant when he said they did not heal back correctly is that you had a large tear and instead of scar tissue filling the gap and reconnecting the muscle, the muscle itself scarred down to another muscle and is not not as functional. You are going to have to spend a significant amount of time on core strength.

Well, is it going to get back to normal? How would core strength assist it in getting better? I do core strength stuff, but how would that help this injury?

What do you think your Illiopsoas is? Yes it will get better, if you have low abs to maintain pelvic tilt and aren’t running with your hips tipping like a bowl pouring out cheerios and milk.

Read up on some Core/ab training and I don’t meen endless numbers of sit ups and their variations, then you will understand how Core training will help you get better.

I know what core training is, and I’m not talking about mindless normal sit-ups done 100 of reps. I know all about that training, just aren’t sure how that will assist in healing a hip muscle. Anyways, thanks for the information.

Also, to your question, I don’t really know. But if you are asking what it is, it is a muscle group in the hip area.

What Jake is trying to say is that the core dosn’t include just the abs. Core muscles, for the most part, function as stabalizers and will extend out to the shoulders and the hips. Stabalizer muscles in the knees, ankles and elbows can even be considered core muscles. Jake’s question wasn’t really a question, he was stating that the illiopsoas can function as a core muscle.

Answer some questions.
How old are you?

With one finger point exactly where the injury is and then write the answer to us.

Did you have an MRI or x-ray?

Did the doctor feel the muscles or perform any muscle testing either with a machine or with his/her hands?

Why is there a lack of stretching? Why can’t you stretch on your own?

Give us an example of a typical workout your coach would have you run.

Your post reads like you don’t like your coach very much. How is he at fault for your injury?