Hip height in 14yr old sprinter

Hi guys,

I have a 14yr old sprinter that is running a little low, and appears to be sitting.

He is quite fast for his age, ran 12.10 and 24.38 after 3 months training last year and we are looking for him to improve this year.

We currently do three tempo sessions with him incuding med ball exercises and two speed sessions.

He is moving into his second 12 week rotation with the first working on 0-30 and now we are looking for more top speed, where I think he can really improve.

As stated on big thing in his running is his hip height. We are ensuring he picks up his a drill in walking, skipping and running to get full extention and havent really said anything to him when he has been running as I dont want to make him start thinking about it too much.

We are about to start him on some hurdle jumps and some step hop drills to try and get him to drive up as high as possible on one leg (the step hop that is).

What else can we do to improve this situation?

He currently does no leg weights and we were not going to start him on any until he turns 15yrs.

I know that this is partly a strength issue so will it just get better with age, and what should we be doing today in his program to rectify this?


He appears to be handling the work with relative ease, always looking to do more and always asking “is that it?”

He pretty much doesnt extend from his first step. I am loathe to add weights just yet so that is why I was going to add the jumps.

DMA this is a 14yr old, he cant maintain the sprint position for any part of the race as yet as he isnt strong enough to get into that position in my opinion.

I will reasses the volume etc and then add the jumps only if satisfied that he is fresh and ready to complete the work.

With Ben at an early age Charlie, was there anything you had to do to get him running up tall or does the training work them into that over time?

does anyone have any comments on ehis at all :frowning:

Aussie Brad

I will have a stab

Only allow the athlete to do high intensity sprint work for the distance they can maintain in the sprint position (CFTS)

Probably need to work more on the conditioning aspect of the athlete.

How is his flexibility and how is he handling what he’s got on his plate now? Check that first before adding the jumps.

As you state, it sounds like an issue with overall organism strength. I do not see a problem with some low-intensity strength training as long as it is closely monitored. Also, when does the hip height become most noticeable?

When Ben was 14 he could barely pick up his sneakers, let alone get into any sort of sprint position. Don’t sweat it if it takes a little time!