High School Results!

B-4x100: Olympia FL 40.39, completing an unbeaten season for the Florida champs in a season-best time. Olympia is a new school near DisneyWorld with only junior and senior classes. They are coached by Leonard Malech, who coached in Brooklyn NY for 33 years before “retiring to Florida.”

Men 4x100 Meter Relay

GWI Meet: # 40.47  1995        Bucholz, Gainesville (FL)                   

US National: $ 39.76 1998 Wyatt, Fort Worth (TX)
School Finals

1 Olympia (Orlando, Fl) ‘A’ 40.39#
2 Carson (Carson, Ca) ‘A’ 41.03
3 Jenks (Jenks, Ok) ‘A’ 41.43
4 Lancaster (Lancaster, Tx) ‘A’ 41.47
5 Edison (Stockton, Ca) ‘A’ 42.02
– Poly (Long Beach, Ca) ‘A’ DNS

Has anyone heard of these guys? They are incredible! Undefeated, own the best time in the country, could possibly go under 40s!

Great job…they don’t have much but a coach with passion.