High-Low Sequence basketball work week

Any expert, would this be an optimal high-low sequenced work week for a off season college basketball player (myself) and if not what would need to be changed? Main goal is to obviously become a better basketball player and also to improve running vert and overall athletcism

Monday- Plyo and sprint+SE lower or ME lower/play pickup basketball (High)
Tuesday- REP upper/drilling and shooting (Low)
Wednesday- Active recovery/light shooting no jumping (Low)
Thursday- Maximal Jumping and dunking+SE lower/ basketball play or drill(high)
Friday- Active recovery/light shooting and or playing (low)
Saturday- Play basketball in AM /ME or SE upper after (High)
Sunday- totally off (off)

Looks good. I’d maybe do a little easy bike work on a few of the low days to keep the legs moving. Also include your therapy (hydro or whatever you can afford). Remember if you are playing multiple times a day you can split the high low up even more looking at am/pm.

I know what you mean, here is what I will try to do in terms of recovery after I am done working out (besides the obvious 5 or so dynamic/ROM warmups a week)

Monday- PNF stretch after cooldown
Tuesday- PNF stretch and Foam Rollar at night
Wednesday- Tempo type runs and Foam Roll
Thurday- PNF stretching and foam rollar at night
Friday- PNF stretch after cooldown
Saturday- not sure atleast a good walk or something…?
Sunday- nothing

Splitting major hairs here but I would consider going light on the PNF (more of MET type ex: ~20% contract force). I’ve found you can often get better results that way (with less stress).

Alright maybe i will try it a little bit