Help Required

Not sure if this is the place to post this question or not, but, is anyone aware of qualified sports therapist living around the Windsor, Ontario area? I have been suffering from chronic hamstring injuries for the past while now, and it seems to have temporarily put my football ambitions on hold (most recently injured it testing the 40 two days ago). I have tried most everything, but I think the injuries are a result of something else, (both legs have been injured), and as such feel the need to seek out someone great. Any advice is greatly appreciated.



I’m just bumping this to try and generate a response.


hey buddy, you have obveously not taking care of the orginal hamstring problem when it first occured. For one you might not be properly warming up and cooling down after workouts. Second when you first injured them you probably never fully recoverd the damged muscle fiber there for every time you did somthing pushing them to the limit they re-spasimed, hince the re occuring problem. But to your question of a Dr. i dont have an answer. But you need to serroiusly rehabillatate the damged tissue and keep your prevent injury rutene up after you have gotten them heald probably as long as you play sports.

Hey, thanks for the reply. You are absolutley right in the comment that it was not taken care of initially. If I knew then what I know now I am sure this would not be happening. However, that is neither here nor there. I think there may be other problems up/down the whole kinetic chain that an expert may be able to help with. At any rate thanks for the post, and for re-afirming what I know I should be doing. Maybe someone will still chime in on if they know of anyone who is not too too far out of the way.



I remember Charlie talking about doing some massage work for a football guy in the NFL who was getting some real crap treatment from his team and if I remember correctly was out for 2 years?

Apparently Charlie worked on him for 2 weeks (I could be wrong) and he was ready to go.

One of the things he spoke of was the type of massage he gave on the muscle was to move his fingers towards the center of the muscle belly to allow it to repair (again this was Nov 2004) instead of pushing it away.

Heck it might even be on the Vancouver 2004 DVD.

Anyway he was doing some sort of Myofacial massage and it worked so yeah. I’m not sure if this helps but hopefully someone else will jump in with some more info about good massage guys out east.