Help me organise my training

Hi I come from an OL background and I’m looking to build some speed mostly for 100m for next year to have some fun competing for my local athletics team.

My weights numbers are relatively high compared to my sprint times - full squat 185, power clean 130 (at <90) etc.

I’ve done a few weeks low volume running to see what would happen, gone from 13.0 to 12.1 so far (timed myself). Now I want to set up a proper training schedule.

I guess I should be doing a long to short program as my start should be my strong point, and fitness is my weakness. Which of the products should I get to find out more about this? At the moment I have the GPP DVD and have CFTS manual.

I can ask specific questions later on if anyone wants to discuss.

Gpp dvd will give you some great ideas on how to setup ur gpp.

van dvd another great dvd and ideas for s-l and l-s programs.