Having their say ahead of Lausanne – IAAF World Athletics Tour

What is this?
-Tyson Gay feeling a slight knee injury but hoping the crowd will help him run fast???
-Derrick Atkins trains in North Dakota. What about the Bahamas? What about Florida? :confused:

Having their say ahead of Lausanne – IAAF World Athletics Tour
Tuesday 10 July 2007

Lausanne, Switzerland - Liu Xiang, Tyson Gay, Veronica Campbell, Derrick Atkins and Torri Edwards spoke to the media on the eve (9) of Athletissima 2007.

The Athletissima meeting in Lausanne on Tuesday 10 July is a Super Grand Prix status meeting as part of the IAAF World Athletics Tour 2007.

Tyson Gay (USA)
(Victah Sailer)
Liu Xiang:

The Athletissima went into history books last year when Liu Xiang broke the World 110m Hurdles record with 12.88.

“I feel very comfortable in Lausanne. I love to come here. People are very good. Since my WR I have become more popular. More people come to me to take photos or ask me autographs. But I don’t find difficult to focus on my training. I have the freedom to do what I want. I know what is my target.”

Derrick Atkins (BAH)
(Getty Images)
Lausanne marks the second European outdoor outing of 2007 for Liu Xiang who was defeated by Cuba’s Dayron Robles in the Paris Golden League meeting last Friday.

However, Robles has pulled out of the race in Lausanne.

“In Paris the technique was not good as I wanted,’ confirmed Liu Xiang. "I was jet-lagged. But last year I did not run so well in Paris and then my form came back some days later when I broke the world record in Lausanne.”

Veronica Campbell (JAM)
(Kirby Lee/Image of Sport)
“Dayron is a very good friend. We congratulate each other, although we do not communicate because of the language barrier. Robles is a newcomer but has the potential to progress very fast.”

“In order to run faster I need to focus on every aspect of the race and to find a balance from start to finish.

Tyson Gay:

Tyson Gay lived up to his reputation as the fastest 100-200 metres combined sprinter in the world winning both US titles in Indianapolis in 9.84 (headwind -0.5 m/s) and 19.62 running the second fastest time in history over the longer distance.

Torri Edwards (USA)
(Getty Images)
“Now I feel a slight knee injury after many races at the US Championships. But I hope that the excitement from the crowd in the stadium will help me to run very fast tomorrow.”

Last year Gay ran 19.70 in the incredible 200 metres race won by Xavier Carter in a sensational 19.63.

“I remember Lausanne for the big excitement of the crowd. In Europe the atmosphere is more exciting than at home in the USA. European tracks are faster. Last year Lausanne set a tone for the rest of the world. This year 400 metres runners like Jeremy Wariner and Lashawn Merritt will run the 200 metres and I am sure that tomorrow’s race will set a reference for the rest of the season.”

“I would like to run against Powell but only in 100% conditions. Asafa is very difficult to beat and I am sure he will be back from injury.”

Derrick Atkins:

Bahamas 100 metres record holder Derrick Atkins, who broke the 10 seconds barrier running 9.95 in Athens and went on to win the Paris Golden League 100 metres race in 10.00, hopes to continue his great season on a high note.

The weather forecast for tonight’s meeting in Lausanne is not favourable with cool temperatures predicted.

“I train in North Dakota near Canada and I am used to training in cold weather conditions. Weather is not a problem for me.”

Paris helped him to increase his reputation as one of the most serious contenders for the World Championships in Osaka.

“Tomorrow I will be focused on executing my own race. Every meet I compete in is a stepping stone towards accomplishing my goal in Osaka.”

“It’s nice to come here and to have the privilege to compete in Lausanne. I come from my win in Paris. It meant a lot for me although I was a bit disappointed by the time. But it was important to win against the best sprinters in the world. I enjoyed the atmosphere in the Stade de France.”

Veronica Campbell:

The reigning Olympic 200 metres champion is looking to bounce back from the setback in Athens when she did not finish the race because of a technical mistake she made when leaving the starting blocks.

“I was not fully prepared in set position from the starting blocks. I feel great. I ran 10.89 at the Jamaican Championships and I hope to run faster. It’s my first time in Lausanne. I have heard many times about this meeting.”

Campbell will run 100 and 200 metres and the 4x100 relay at the World Championships in Osaka.

“Now I feel more confident over 100 metres because I tried this distance more frequently. But I have no preference between 100 and 200 metres. It depends on the level of my preparation. I tried 400 metres once indoors but it was not a good experience. I started very fast in the first 200 metres and I felt the lactic in the final part of the race.”

Torri Edwards:

Torri Edwards won the 100 metres US title in Indianapolis and the 100 metres Golden League race in Paris. She comes to Lausanne with the second fastest time in the world this year.

“I feel in top form. I worked very hard this year. Paris was a very good race although I felt jet-lagged. I expect to run very fast on the very fast track in Osaka in August. I don’t fear anybody because I am ready to line up against any athlete. Weather will not affect my race tomorrow. I don’t care about it. My motivation is to run as fast as I can.”

Diego Sampaolo for the IAAF

Entry List
Men - 100 Metres - Race 1
Athlete Nat
Atkins Derrick BAH
Brown Darrel TRI
Crawford Shawn USA
Dixon Leroy USA
Jelks Mark USA
Martina Churandy AHO
Scott Leonard USA
Williams Christopher JAM

Men - 100 Metres - Race 2
Athlete Nat
Carter Nesta JAM
Devonish Marlon GBR
Frater Michael JAM
Gardener Jason GBR
Hoogmoed Guus NED
Lewis-Francis Mark GBR
Mullings Steve JAM
Osovnikar Matic SLO

Men - 200 Metres
Athlete Nat
Alerte David FRA
Bolt Usain JAM
Gay Tyson USA
Martin Rodney USA
Merritt LaShawn USA
Spearmon Wallace USA
Wariner Jeremy USA
Wissman Johan SWE

If you ask me, Gay better cool it. All this talk of sore backs, not warming up properly, minor knee injuries… entering extremely competitive races. He better be careful.

If you ask me, Gay better cool it. All this talk of sore backs, not warming up properly, minor knee injuries… entering extremely competitive races. He’d better be careful.

Notice Torri Edwards said the same thing. Soreness behind the knee is very common with a lot of races on Mondo as in Indianapolis.

During the press conference, Gay also said that he only trained twice since Indianapolis and he doesn’t know in what kind of shape he is, he has a small tendinosis on right knee.

Is all this talk just backing his ass in case he doesn’t come through with amazing results? “I can do better…just maybe not right now.” I don’t like how much drama there is, it really puts me off in a way.

Watch it live !


Some of those block girls for the 200…woo

False start!

He just absolutely ruined them - those girls are going crazy! I love it.

Looked little stressed near the finish though.

200m Men - Final

WR Michael Johnson USA 19.32 Atlanta, GA 1 AUG 1996
ER Pietro Mennea ITA 19.72 Ciudad de México 12 SEP 1979
AR Michael Johnson USA 19.32 Atlanta, GA 1 AUG 1996
WL Tyson Gay USA 19.62 Indianapolis, IN 24 JUN 2007
MR Xavier Carter USA 19.63 2006

rank athlete nat finish time

1 GAY, Tyson


2 BOLT, Usain


3 SPEARMON, Wallace


4 MARTIN, Rodney


5 MERRITT, Lashawn


6 WARINER, Jeremy


7 WISSMAN, Johan


8 ALERTE, David


wind 0.0

In cold weather, huge margin against the world bests, Gay is flying…

Oh for sure. He destroyed them.

How can you be that much better than every other sprinter out there… and without a coach there daily… damn. The temperature was in the low 50s during the run.

19.5 at Worlds. I’m calling it now.

Gay was incredible! If he stays healthy he’ll take the 100/200 double to a new level.

And for Sunday the forcast is warm and sunny in Sheffield, modest wind.
So I do not think a new WR is impossible next weekend. Sorry for my doubts in your hometown G-Force :wink: