Happy Valentine's Day!!

To: kdaws, and all the other ladies out there. :smiley:


here you go herb follow this link

You can tell we are making up for being on the site all day long! My girl’s Valentine request was to spend time with her tonight and not making posts on the forum!!! LOL. Any suggestions on how to get some sneak posts in, let me know! :smiley:

Wow! Nice link. I wonder if I will meet someone so I can get a date for tonight. :clap: Ya…and I am really serious about it too.

Come on guys.

Valentines Day, what a non event. Especially when you get a valentine from a married woman.

There has to be a female out there who loves a hammer thrower, short and fat though.

Dlive get a mobile phone with internet facilities and go to the toilet often.

Good idea DMA.
That reminds me of a George moment (from Seinfield). I am making this post while she is in the shower. I wish I could type faster. Dooowwwwhhhh

As you are all probablyaware the situation with my girlfriend had eased… until some more sh!t hit the fan when some fat chick sent me a card. Now she thinks something is going on. Herb any suggestions?
Also www.christiansoulmates.com. Mmmm… nightmare4d that looks interesting!