Groin injury (plus others)

Hey all,
im an injury prone sprinter, and by that i mean if theres the slightest chance of injury ill get one. i recently tore both adductors in my groin, kept training and developed Osteitis Pubis (not sure of the spellling). Has anyone had anything similar and how long can i expect to be out of training, and how long till i can train at normal loads?
Also recovering from a nerver injury to my shoulder, so if anyone has experience with nerve injuries as well, id love any advice…

If you don’t do anything about the tightness in your hips and thoracic back those injuries will recur after you start training again. Number one thing would be to work on hip flexor lengthening and thoracic extension work as well as scapular stabilization (mainly rhomboids to correct shoulder position). But to do these in a way that integrates all the functions together you need to see a specialist.

Ahhhh ok, thanks. That could help explain why i got the injury in the first place- i hurt my neck some months ago, and paralyzed my right side for a couple of weeks, its still pretty weak through my right arm, shoulder and side of my back,pretty obvious when i think about i now, but didnt occur to me at the time, and i guess that competing in Surf Life Saving (eg Beach Sprinting) was probably the worst thing in terms of potential for injury…
Thanks heaps Jump, and ill let you all know how the rehab goes

Yeah that neck injury has probably caused some significant compensations that need to be taken care of. I assume you have had that neck checked out so that there is no structural damage in there. Good luck with the rehab.

Yep, was a guest in the emergency ward of sydney’s finest hwopital for 42 hours straight, flat on my back, while they determined there was no structural ie bone damage, massive amounts of nerve damage though. Starting rehab for the right side in conjuction with the groin injury sounds like a good idea, cause im guessing the “little” muscles still havent adapted back to pre-injury strength yet…
Saw my physio again today, started Tranverse Ab activation exercises, and he recons at least another 2 months before light weights and bike work, so at least another 3 before light track work, which takes me up to june/july, so gives me 6ish months this for training…so not much chance of me achieving my new years resolution of running sub 11.5 this year. Damn… ahh well next year i guess.

Just curious, how does thoracic tightness and an unstable scapula lead to groin injuires?


Are you? Not many people are and that is the biggest problem in trying to solve many chronic pain cases. You can try this out yourself if you have some thoracic flexion and slumping shoulders: first walk around feeling where the feet are loading in each part of the gait, then interlace your fingers behind your head and pull your elbows back (trying to get the scapulae touching) and do the same experiment. Are the feet loading more evenly? The thing is that thoracic back has a huge difference in your gait, whether it’s in flexion, rotation or offset. How does this lead to groin injuries then? Repeating a gait pattern that overuses some muscle group trying to compensate for something that isn’t functioning will lead to tightness and finally an injury. Just an example.