Greatest vitamin ever?

This product is a scam…the infomercial guy is the same dude that “from his tiny apartment” started a million dollar business from posting adds in news papers. Remember that annoying guy that got excited about everthing?

I will be trying out NutraSphere next week and from what I have read, it’s the best. Better than USANA and other brands without the overhead.

I don’t see the conflict here. It’s obvious that the million dollar business he started from his tiny apartment was this vitamin business. Judging from the list of all the great ingredients, I sense the opportunity for another business- the surgical equivalent of Roto-Router, which customers will surely require at some point after plugging themselves up with pills that must weigh several pounds each! I’d do it myself, but, sadly, I don’t have a tiny apartment to work from.

Checklist for Multivitamins
25 Things To Look For In Multivitamins
Rate Your Own Multi

500 mg vitamin C
No more than 400 IU vitamin E
6 mg lutein/zeaxanthin
800 mcg folic acid
800 IU vitamin D3
300 mcg vitamin B12
Calcium and magnesium- near equal or more mag over cal
Zinc and copper 10-to-1 ratio zinc over copper
Alpha, beta, delta and gamma forms of tocopherols and tocotrienols
Carotenoids: beta carotene, lutein/zeaxanthin, near equal ratios
Bioflavonoids equalling 70% of vitamin C
SelenoExcel organic selenium
Natural d-alpha tocopherol vitamin E rather than synthetic dl-alpha tocopherol
Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin
Calcium as citrate
Vitamin C as mineral ascorbates
Sulfur (taurine, lipoic acid, glutathione)
Boron 3 mg or more
Chromium 200 mcg
Coenzyme Q10
No iron, copper
No more than 10 mg riboflavin (vitamin B2)
Beta carotene rather than formed vitamin A
Inclusion of enzymes
Easy-to-absorb capsules rather than tablets

does it have a website? I tried googling but it came up nothing.

For more info. on the lawsuits surrounding Don Lapare and “The Greatest Vitamin In The World” check! :smiley:

Have any of you heard or tried the Muliti liquid vitamin from Eniva called Vibe. Here is the site.

Let me know what you think. I think it seems pricey.

Clemson & Charlie & others,

what is your take on the MV Swiss products? specifically, Swiss “one” 80. I used to take it, but didn’t really notice anything great from it, but I am in the market of starting with new MV’s again and I wanted to know your opnion again on the above MV. thanks.

First off, I would say that the above comments are directed towards normal individuals. This is not intended for those who exercise regularily and certainly not for elite training persons like those here.

I agree with the basic concepts and remember these are not strict guidelines either. Smaller dosing should be sought after. I think that too often the large number seems like the best value, but ends up being the worst because so much is wasted. Consume a smaller serving size in two seperate meals if you require a larger dose. Like the fact that he differentiates between natural and synthetic forms of vitamin E in a mixed ratio.

I think he may not have read the list though. Copper is listed in recommended ad in the restrictions. High zinc intake will reduce copper levels that is why it was put in there. If you take ZMA for instance, a product with a bit of copper will be good. Even a low dose of 1mg-5mg will not cause any complications and can be beneficial.

Not sure for the restriction on the riboflavin as it is water soluble. For athletes this would be of prime importance as well. Heck with this value, stay away from gatorade and powerade as you will go over.

Yes, large doses of iron will cause side effects. Intense training individuals have been shown to have significanlty greater dietary requirements for iron however. Unless you are megadosing it or are a child, a small inclusion is just fine and beneficial. Most products on the market have too much though. 10-30mg is what I would recommend on a daily basis. Remember most of the iron will pass through the system.

He states calcium citrate as it is the most available of the calcium forms. However, some of the other calcium salts will give benefits other than the calcium directly.

Being in the business of dietary custom manufacturing, everyone claims theirs is the best.

Herb brings out some good points in things to look for, but enzymes help you breakdown macronutrients (Protein, carbs, fats) and have little to do with absorbing micronutrients from tablets, capsules or powders.

Raios are just guidelines and vary depending upon genetics (polymorphisms), diet and lifestyle.