I am looking for a good glutamine supplement to take mid-workout, any suggestions? Would the GNC stuff be fine or does someone have a specific brand that they’ve had success with? Thanks guys!

its all the same. i was real sold onto it for a while but then when i stopped taking it and my recovery was not affected and i started feeling even better (i think becasue glutmine may also have cell volumizing effects) i stopped taking it.
just make sure you get the powder and not the pills because you need between 10-20 grams for it ot be effective and the pills are not very cost efficent in that manner as they are sold in 500mgs whereas you can get 10 grams per teaspoon in most powders.

Interesting… what are other people’s experiences? I’m not so sure about glutamine now. Quik, do you take any other supplements mid-workout now that you’ve stopped taking glutamine?

10 -20 gms ???

Damn that must have cost a bomob 'cus that stuff is expensive.

I was taking 1gm pre and 1gm post training along with 5gms creatine pre and post Trg but to be honest I didn’t think the Glut did much for me.

Maybe it was the doseage.

Can’t be certain but I think Charlie reccomends it pre trg - have I that right?

Glutamine with meals…it will allways be after or before to some point

i didnt take glutamine necessarily mid workout. i would take it after my track work and before my weight work and if i wasnt lifting id take it after my track work and before bed. usaully each does would be 9 grams for a total of 18 daily.

now, i eat a protein bar after my track work before my weight work and take ZMA before bed and vitamin b-12 after speed workouts.

Quik, that’s what I originally meant, after track work before weights. Sorry for not clarifying. I was originally intending on taking glutamine in the said manner, then taking a recovery drink after the entire workout. Is this not a good idea? Clemson you mentioned to take it with meals, is there anything I should take “mid-workout” or should I just wait till the entire workout is over and then take a recovery drink?

I’ve had good results with GPush.

sounds familiar to what i was asking in a thread not long ago. when to take ur supplements.

i have leant to a protein shake after running, then creatine and hmb before weights, with protein shake with glutamine after weights…

i have noticed good changes with glutamine, my recovery for the next day is better. so not actually a large improved performance in weights or anything a la creatine, but better for recovery.

what is everyone else’s opinion on my strategy for teh supplements

DW - I’ll post my Diet sometime soon and we can compare …


hhaha no, tho i do seem to eat too many of them sometimes :rolleyes:

hmb = hydroxy methylbutyrate, a metabolite of the amino acid L-leucine. opinion seems divided on this forum about whether or not it works. i only just started using it, and its on a recovery week for me, so havent seen any real benefits from it yet. am hopeful tho

HMB is not effective and should be used only for elite athletes…it works but it’s icing on the cake.

I find L-glutamine to be fantastic in aiding recovery when you have a cold/flu it really does help.

how can something work better for elite athletes than up and coming athletes? dont the less elite athletes have more room to improve, thus gaining more from the supplement? also, what is the classification for an elite athlete?

if its only icing, could you recommend one thats more like the base of the cake? does that even make sense??? :smiley:

Mr. Boobs,

The point it that HMB has slight improvements in things like maintaining structure of the skeletal tissue under high stress and other enhancements. At low levels of training a sound diet will be enough, but as you get better the needed supplementation will increase. Put in what you put out. If your five and are on the swings, adding creatine to your juicy juice will not make you swing higher…Why work on things that take off .01s if you can work on things that can take off .1s?

No -from my angle definitely looks like Ms.


There are many Supplements and aids that can only help at elite levels and have been covered in many well known texts.

thanks for putting it in terms someone with boobs for brains can understand, Mr Elite Coach

next time without the sarcasm

DCW, what brand of L-glutamine do you use? I took AST GL3 micronized L-glutamine powder for several months, but didn’t really notice an improvement in any areas.

An Australian one. Don’t have it to hand at the moment though. Hard to say if you would ever notice a difference from anything in training aside from maybe Creatine though. I noticed that I knocked a couple of colds on the head really quickly with the a concoction of L-glutamine, Echinacea, Vit C, zinc.

Maybe the thing with the glutamine is not so much you feel anything positive but it helps stop you feeling anything negative?