Glutamine Question

This is just a simple question on how to get my glutamine to school. Should i have it in the bottle with no water in it, and then add water in the locker room at school? Or should I just go ahead and mix it in the water and home and just drink it at school? Any help would be appreciated

keep it dry…then mix right before…

I gather this is based on the assumption that, in a humid state, glutamine converts into ammonia.

I have some difficulty with that bias, but it seems to be a rather prevalent notion within the jock subculture - probably because of product manufacturers are trying to sell cheaper peptide bonded forms of glutamine in their formulas in place of the relatively expensive free form of glutamine.

Free form Glutamine should be exceptionally stable in water, or any aqueous solution, for that matter. It should stay stable for days, or even weeks. Honestly, I don’t think you should have to worry about it - the conversion from glutamine to glutamate and NH3 is an enzyme-catalysed reaction (glutaminase), and is likely to proceed extremely slowly in its absence.

But is there anything wrong with keeping it dry?

On a side note, has anyone heard of acne as a side effect of glutamine?


Most shaker bottles are 7a plastic and any drink pulling xenoestrogens for hours (in your words days and weeks). While buying rubberized coated glass is an option, how many here do that? Add in the stink from the ammonia will build, and what about mold?

No, nothing.

Yeah… nothing is about all I get from glutamine. Cheaper and more enjoyable/effective to eat whole food.

Some of the readings I did led me to beleive that Glutamine Peptides were absorbed better as they aren’t used up in the stomach for digestive purposes? This is false?

Maybe you’d give us your views on Glutamine supplementation please. Some people advocate massive quantities of Glut. CP for example talks about 20 (min) - 40 grams p. workout.

I never said I got nothing from glutamine. Read the post.

Glutamine is expensive and therefore many companies package garbage product. However, if you get a high quality glutamine, you will notice a difference the morning after.

How much do you use Herb and can you reccomend a source?

I was unable to come up with any research to support your statement. Maybe you could drop me a reference or two? I’d like to read about it…

My personal experience with glutamine has been quite positive in terms of its marketed effect - volumization. A couple of important facts about glutamine:

  1. Glutamine supplementation increases intracellular (muscle cell) hydration through a net increase in serum nitrogen concentration.
    Comment: This net nitrogen flux slows the urea cycle, likely increasing intracellular ammonia. This condition is one event that suppresses the catabolism of intracellular proteins.

  2. Transmembrane gradient for glutamine is very high, requiring glutamine to be actively transported (Na-pump) inside the cell. This means that glutamine retention by the cell is a very energy intensive process. But, to a certain extent, it is obligatory.
    Comment: Possible weight (fat) loss implications ??

  3. a 70 kg man typically has approx. 400g of muscle per kg of weight. Of that, 86.5g is amino acids. Of that 86.5g, 51.8g is glutamine - a whopping 60% of the entire amino acid pool!

  4. Studies show that highly catabolic events, or highly metabolically demanding events are associated with strong glutamine deprivation from intramuscular stores. Glutamine supplementation (parenteral) improves nitrogen balance and significantly reduces markers for muscle wasting: 3-methylhistidine.

  5. The decomposition of free glutamine is quantitative and yields the cyclic product pyroglutamic acid and ammonia. Studies are a bit ‘wishy-washy’ on this one. But for this reason (for the time-being), parenteral use of free l-glutamine is reserved for controlled and well-conducted clinical trials.
    Comment: My respect to CLEMSON. I didn’t mean to quash your good intentions. To a degree, your right and, to a degree, I’m wrong…

  6. Oral supplementation of glutamine may be of more benefit to intestinal mucosa than anything else.

Thank you for the detailed reply …
I’ll try and find a link to the article … though I know it wasn’t a research artcile, which was why I was wondering about it’s accuracy.

[I used L-Glutamine before at about 5gms post WO while dropping calories and found it seemed to help maintain LBM, but again that’s just anecdotal.]

I’m just fascinated by Charles Polquins reccomenedations and massive amounts … of course the $$ goes up accordingly too as Glut. isn’t cheap on top of everything else.

The intent, I suppose, with megadose Glutamine is to overcome the tight regulation of the intracellular gradient. It’s very energy demanding (to overcome this gradient), though, so I would think at some point adding more glutamine would impose some kind of toxicity element on the whole ‘cell volumizing’ picture.

I don’t agree with this. It is common bodybuilder mentality (and mine on many occasions and in my many waves of self-experimentation in the past) that tends to be self-destructive in most cases. You gotta respect the body’s homeostatic sine waves. Take advantage of the hills of overcompensation, but the toughest lesson to learn when it comes to self supplementation is to ‘let up’ when you hit the valleys. These patterns exist for a reason - in both training and nutrition. If anybody has ever heard the name Yusuf Omar, he was a great sounding board for this idea, and will always be a highly underrated therapist for these and many other reasons (Tom Green - I think you know what I’m talking about…).