Germany Seizes Nearly 1M Knockoff Nikes

instead of cutting em up n burning them, why not Give them too starving 3rd world countries? A few shoes for the masses. One bucket of rice and a pair of Nike shoes

I remember the good old days of knockoffs like Pikes with the double-check-in-one that had SOLID PLASTIC instead of air sacs.

FIFAs instead of FILAs.

The Adidas KB8 IIs were Antoine WALKER 8 IIs HAHAHA. (walker wore/wears #8 also)

America seems so boring sometimes…sigh

good times… :slight_smile:

Hahaha. Quite a few pairs of AM 95’s in that pile.
Gotta be careful what your buying on ebay. Gotta know what to look for.

If it weren’t for the starving 3rd world, who would make the real ones for Nike?
Americans are getting an overgenerous 5 dollars an hour (at least that’s what the Republicans think). Hell, if that goes up, CEOs might end up making below 300,000,000 a year.
Where’s Robespierre when you need him??

Nike is so stupid. They could have inspected the shoes and sent them off in what would have been the biggest philanthropist venture in the history of apparel companies. It would have been advertising they wouldn’t be able to pay for.

Headline reads:

“Nike to donate $300 mil worth of shoes to Africa, South America and Asia in order to progress the future of sport.”

would be interesting sending them back to asia.
back to where they originally came from and out on the night market circuit.

i can picture the security guards at the pile “can anyone find a left foot in size 10”. as if they didnt take home a car full each.