Has anyone tried this product? It claims to be able to clean wax, dirt and chemicals off of fruit and vegetables. It says it uses natural products, is it safe? Clemson?

It seemed to me that anything that can wash away the chemicals by simply soaking it can’t be very safe. Or can it?

Its a bunch of bs!! They tried that up here in Canada and flopped big time. Water, elbow grease and a good keen eye will do the job fine. But, if yer one of those nutzoes (germaphobe) like one of my friends, then just partition a bowl with half water and half vinegar and do that, much cheaper and does samething.

Thanks vito! I figured it was either a scam or had to be some dangerous stuff.

Doesnt Clemson buy organic stuff where they dont use pesticides etc?

I have read somewhere that one group of people grows veges and fruit in their own waste, its high in Vitamin B apparently but I am not sure I could stomach that.

Hey AussieBrad,

As an Italian, we do the same in our own backyard. We grow, fruits, veggies, etc. Its important to be clear what waste is. It refers to (for us anyway) food (meals) left overs and stuff around the yard, ie. leaves, sometimes grass. And all this without any pesticides or any kind of spray, etc. It makes for a great composte.

Actually, some people, and I have to admit my family has been guilty of this (as alot of italians do :frowning: ), use Horse manoore (spelling?) or Horse excretion mixed with fresh soil and use this as a top soil for your garden. Personallly, I think its nasty :stuck_out_tongue: , and we haven’t done this in so many years b/c, as you can imagine the smell!! But my neighbour OMG PHEWW :eek: