fermented glutamine

ive found a local company selling what they claim is ‘fermented glutamine’ and ‘glutamine peptides’. price is decent, and they seem to have an ok reputation

do either of these have an advantage over regular glutamine. I vaguely remember a claim that spray dried peptides were destroyed in the stomach?

and does the fermentation process really avoid there claim??

“Fermented L-Glutamine manufactured using a proprietary, natural fermentation process unlike other synthetic forms of L-Glutamine which are manufactured using harsh chemicals… Don’t poison your body with harsh chemicals when you can achieve better results using fermented l-glutamine”

Fermented glutamine probably tastes better as synthetics have a strange taste. Though, on the oppposite side fermented glutamines can smell bad.

In reality though fermented glutamine isn’t that novel a product - most top of the line glutamine powders are fermented now.

My advice is to shop around - if the price is right, pick some up! :slight_smile:

Does that company give any studies and proof to that claim that you are “poisoning” your body with “unfermented” glutamine? How do we know that their glutamine is different? Not tryin to downplay it, but I’d research into it a lil more.