Female weight gain

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I have a 15 year old female that ran 7.57 (60) 11.92 (100) and 24.00(200), last summer and since fall 2002 has become a woman, she has gained about 20 pounds, but not an ounce of it is bad weight.
The problem that we seem to have is her center of gravity has lowered and her knee dive is much lower and flexibility in the hip flexor area has decreased and she has severe shin splints becasuse of the breaking due to her lowered center of gravity.
Becasue of this addition her times have lowered and her confedience and work effort have be effecte tremendously.
What dose everybody think I can do to assist with the raising of the center of gravity, knee drive and prevent breaking?
Also anyone have some advice on their experience with shin splints. ( i am hoping surface change with in a few weeks will assist)

Thank-you everybody

Thank-you for the replies

her flexibility is about the same as last year, which was never that great, and away from the track she is a modern dancer on her off days

what are her strength numbers and what does she do off the track for training?

Please people I need some help on this!!


Please post her weight and strength program. Such a weight gain for an athlete under a continuous training program is high. Also give her current height and weight. In the meantime, replace her tempo runs with pools workouts. (there are a number of them in the archives).


She is not on a weight program she is just 15 years old.
Her strength program consists of circuits and body weigth exercies.

The athlete grew 2 inches and has gained about 15 - 20 pounds. She is now 5 foot 6 and half and weighs 135 - 140 pounds. ( thre is no flab at all) This is such a dramtic change from the summer that her center of gravity is much lower and tends to have a lower knee drive and is seriously breaking with each step.

I am trying to increase the amount of lunges, and flexibality at the end of each practice, we are unable to do any type of boundnig or jumping becasue of our indoor surface.

On her off days she is a modern dancer, which I believe hinders her regeneration between workouts. HEr Dancing is her off day work out

PLease help!!!


There are two ways to view things.
1: Modern dance is hindering recovery
2: You aren’t allowing for the modern dance in your program. (she’s 15)
I would like you to post the circuits you are doing. They may be excessive. Also, indoor jumps can be done without stress on the shins by going up onto a high box and climbing down between reps. (mae sure the box has a big enough landing surface and is stable/spotted)

Thank-you Charlie


Monster circuit
each exercies 10-25 x 6
jumping jacks
Running A’s

Brazilian Circuit
same exercises with running in between

Circle group exercises
same exercies as above each athlete takes turns – first does 1 second does 2 etc. for two minutes, girls against the boys

Medicine ball circuits

Circuits are done with one or two a practice depends on the the ability of the athletes and the “feeling of the day”

For the past couple weeks there has been no running for this athlete what so ever, just mobility, strentgh, flexibility and skipping.
Should I continue this until pain has subsided ? And proper technique is returned?
How can I incorporate modern Dance into program?

I apperciate your assisatnce Charlie and everyone else that has responded!

By incorporating modern dance, I mean finding out how much time and effort is involved and reducing your demands accordingly for the duration of the class. As for training with shin splints, she could train in the pool. (running on the spot for 45 sec on and 15 sec off for 2 sets of 10 at 110 to 130 steps per 45 sec interval. The circuits you describe are very tough and might lead to overtraining for some- especially for those who can put out the most. Perhap she has been overtraining and the CNS overload is causing tightness. Give her the pool work for 10days (keeping the load moderate) and see if she bounces back.

Thank-you very much Charlie

I will keep you updated