Fast Twitch and NO-Xplode

Okay, I was going through sites on ways to increase fast twitch fibers and I came across this…

It claims to be a fast twitch increaser, “formerly reserved for the genetically gifted”

Is this similar to Nitric Oxide - NO-Xplode?

Is it a joke, the first one?

FastTwitch is just creatine, w/ some NO2 type additives and a ton of caffeine. It’s not going to increase your fast twitch fiber %.

NO-Xplode is similar. I don’t think it has as much caffeine though. It has some blend of caffeine, tyrosine, etc.

Save your money and get 1000g creatine (~$20) and a bottle of caffeine ($10). That will last you probably 6 months+.

What do you mean by “fast twitch is just creatine…”?

fast twitch the supplement, not the muscle fibre type.

Yes, Cytosport has a product called “Fast Twitch”.

Advantages in sport are always reserved for the genetically gifted. There’s no getting around that!

But the commercial said if i took the one pill i would loose 200 pounds of fat 20 inches off of my waist, give me telekinetic powers all in 30 days. Are you saying this is bad, the commercial said its a good thing. And I dont even have to lift a finger.