IS CORRECT…I think that the statement “if you not go to failure in every set of strength training you can’t gain strength, because you can develop strength only in the last 1-2 reps of muscular failure” is a general recommendation about strength training that could be used at the beginning of the strength training.

In the case of advanced athletes, the refusal method could be used only in bodybuilding programs of in the part of the strength programs that finalised to the muscle muss gains.

I recently addressed that same question to a good coach. He suggested that failure works if you want to achieve hypertrophy and physical gains, but if you are worried about neurological benefits, then that is not the suggested method.

So perhaps if you want to get specific with sprinting, failure should not be favored.
It’s mass-specific force we are worried about (amount of force in relation to your bodyweight that you apply to the ground in opposition to gravity > Barry Ross)