Fact or Fiction Q1) pH levels in food?

I was at a fitness expo this weekend in Lexington Ky when I bumped into yet another advocate of eating a “pH balanced” diet. This vendor, selling products by Dr. Robert Young’s Innerlight, tried to sell me several different vegetable powders, pH balancing supplements, etc. Now, I’m a bit confused about this increasingly occuring topic. In biology courses I’ve been in throughout highschool and in college (not many, as I’m a social science major) I’ve been told that the human body maintains a very strict pH, like within a .1 or .2 range. And I was under the understanding that if this pH went beyond these strict ranges we would more than likely die. So what gives? I know Clemson, and other very knowledgable people take this into consideration. But if our body is so efficient at regulating pH levels, why the hell should I worry about eating according to a pH spectrum? Obviously I am uneducated with regards to this topic, so I’m not taking a firm stance either way. Just looking for some understanding on this issue.

The question is a pH spectrum in conflict with healthy eating? Doing the PRAL scores I have found nothing to worry me. I think people need to value that vegetables are again usefull for more than fiber and nutrients.

Yes, the body will strictly regulate pH. The question is, what measures must it take to do this? Check out Berardi’s article at T-mag for more info on this issue.