I’d really love to order the e-book “Speed Trap” but here is my problem. I’m pretty much a computer-idiot and would like to know before i order how the e-book thing works. I have never ordered an e-book from anywhere. I do have Acrobat Reader down-loaded and running on my computer. My concern is that i use a “dial-up” 56K connection and large files can be a pain. Just to download Acrobat Reader took a good 20 minutes. I have down-loaded some PDF files from other sites but they were not an entire book and they still took ALOT of time. Would ordering “Speed Trap” as an e-book be a pain for me to get, I’m concerned i’ll get disconnected before i get it loaded. Do i go and down-load it once i order it, or is it sent by e-mail to me in a file that won’t take an entire afternoon to down load?

Sorry for being technically challenged and for using this old cold-war equipment.

thanks, Tyler D

Hi Tyler,

Speed Trap is a quick download and should only take a few minutes on a 56k dial up connection.

Acrobat Reader is far larger than this ebook. Last I checked the 5.1 version of the reader was over 10megs for the full install.

Speed Trap is 1.3 megs…so you’ll have no problems.

Its a great book, you should get it!

If you or anybody reading this needs more info, just let me know.



thanks alot!!!

i’m gonna give it a try…
wish me luck as venture into the 21st century :o)