Dylan Grant Looking To An AFL Future

On Saturday in the Adelaide Advertiser, there was a report about Gold Coast 400m athlete Dylan Grant possibly turning his back on athletics and pursuing an AFL career with the new Gold Coast team. According to Scott Gullan’s article, Grant was disappointed with Athletic Australia’s treatment of him in the lead up to Beijing and was now looking at his options. He feels he would be the fastest player in the AFL and at 193cm and 92kg he has the athleticism to succeed with GC17. The report indicated he was looking for a chance to try out with the newest AFL franchise.

As Scott Gullan is Melbourne based, I’m assuming the report was in the Herald-Sun.

Grant tore his hamstring some time around the end of May. It was pretty bad and looked like ending his chances of getting to Beijing. He was back running within three weeks at about 50% after some intensive 24/7 physio treatment including use of a hyperbaric chamber.

AA gave Grant the ultimatum of making a qualifying time of 46.70 by 3rd August - when the team flew to Beijing. On Monday 28th July in cold, wet and windy conditions Grant ran his first 400m since the injury in 47.0s. His coach Glynis Nunn-Cearns arranged a final trial for Saturday August 2nd. With the aid of some pacemakers Grant stopped the clock at 46.69 - enough to get him on the plane to Beijing.

Whilst he had another 3 weeks - August 22nd to prove his fitness to force a spot in the actual 4 x 400m relay team to run the heat, he was unable to convince the selectors he was in the sub 46.2 shape of others in the squad.

Up until the injury Grant had enjoyed a terrific 4 years of rising through the ranks, culminating with a PB of 45.69s at the Queensland state championships and selection for the Olympic Games. The injury and failure to get a run in Beijing seems to be the first major setback Grant has experienced. Regardless of the sport, it won’t be the last time he suffers a significant injury, so he shouldn’t let it sway his judgement. Hopefully there’s enough wise heads around to help him overcome the disappointment and get back on the horse. He is far too talented to be allowed to walk away from athletics.

would it really be just that easy for him to just say… “i am fast, pay me alot of money to play AFL”?

It seems he was given every opportunity by AA to get on the plane and then a run in Beijing. I dont see that as being unfair.
He may have run faster than Steffenson did in the relay, but he hadnt put the time/s on the board.
Maybe he feels he was given unfair treatment compared to Steffenson?
Both Grant & Milburn broke 46s for the first time on the same weekend (State Champs) in 2 seperate races. Milburn stepped up at Nats and continued to Europe, while Grant took a slight step back (injuries etc). With his rate of improve over the past couple of years, he would be a real force over the next couple.
Moving to AFL seems like a very easy option for him

Maybe boylett should put his hand up. He did beat Grant a few weeks before the big event.

Does AA have a general fitness test or village entry test any more? If not, bring it back!:mad:

Received a message that this big kid trialled today and, according to his coach, “went very, very well”.

When asked why he was even trialling for football, she said “because he wants some respect, same as me” .

His coach is 1984 Olympic heptathlon gold medallist Glynis Nunn-Cearns, who is currently the executive director for the Australian Track & Field Coaches Association…