Does the FDA check for mercury levels in fish?

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Most definitely,

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Keep in mind that mercury levels are more of a concern with fish and seafood that are found near the coast. Deep water fish are less of a problem. More importantly, deep water fish like tuna also contain alkylglycerols, which bind with mercury and remove it from the system; a nice piece of trivia that is often left out of tuna/mercury scare tactics. Mercury in sea water is nothing new, and some fish developed means to deal with it long ago. What has changed is the level of mercury, which is mostly concentrated near the shorelines.

Clemson, 716, mitochondria, anyone have more detail on this subject? I think it’s important because fish should definitely be included in the diet. I don’t entirely buy Dr. Mercola’s scare tactics.

Oxygen creates free radicals and too much water can kill you…acid rain, toxic waste, plastic waterbottles…my question who is at that level when they can worry about such details(important yes). Take a digital picture of your refrigerator and then we will talk. The Alaska has great sources of deep sea fish…

Even free range and organic has problems…

Ooh, you don’t want to see my refridgerator right now! But trust me, I’m working on it. I think by the end of the summer I should be eating really well.

Thanks for the info Clemson, Flash, and Rupert. I had done a couple of searches and found things that talked about this or that fish being dangerous but its nice to have them altogether so I can avoid the ones in the top category completely.

Clemson, what are some organic and free-range problems? Are they ones that could be avoided from buying from the right places. This summer I’m going to be getting a deep freezer so I can get mail order pasture-fed meat from the farms on


Do provide a bit of info on free range products and organic…

I’m sure alot of us want to know…



Organic and Free Range information

enjoy all of the secrets…

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Organic and Free Range information

enjoy all of the secrets…

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sorry, I was tired…Charlie-thanks for all the efforts.

No need to be sorry. The tough part is sorting out what’s fact and what’s crap.